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Cant wait to try out the snipers, what about you people ?

Personelly, I cant wait to try the MSR and frankly to kick @$$ with it. I wanted to ask one thing & that is I've seen the fire rate of the MSR is almost half a bar (In the create a class snipers vids on YouTube) and it says it's a bolt ation Sniper. When I took a look to the mountain dew photos I saw that MSR had only 1/8 bar. I coud'nt understand this hat the game shows it has a mid Fire Rate and then the game's official posters show that it has 1/8 of the full bar. Here take a look at the mountain Dew photo http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24741902/Capture.JPG . Please if anyonw knows whats gong on help me on this one.