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Official Wishlist for the PC-version of MW3

Red = Not in game     Orange = Unconfirmed     Green = Confirmed



  • 1. Ranked dedicated servers and LAN support.

  • 2. For dedicated servers, make it easier to play and stay in the same team with Steam-friends.
  • - Problem: In TDM you have to wait for someone to leave, to switch to the other team.
    - Problem: In S&D the game forces you to miss out on a round just so  you can be on the same team as your friend(s). This is no fun as you  can't play an entire round.
    - Solution 1: make a party, then join a dedicated server together (like in Left 4 Dead 2 and more recently Crysis 2).
    - Solution 2: ready-up period before match starts to choose your team (like in Promod).


  • 3. Field of View slider (like in Black Ops).

    4. Be able to turn off the in-game music (like in Black Ops).


  • 5. For dedicated servers, be able to edit classes between matches (like in World at War).

    6. RCON (Remote Console) server-tool with a good user interface.


  • 7. Be able to set time limits, score limits, round limits and respawn times.

  • 8. Support for Mods and Radiant.


  • 9. Be able to (text) chat in the lobby between matches (like in Black Ops Zombies). [Matchmaking only]

    10. Barebones-filter in server browser in addition to the Hardcore-filter.


    11. Lean


  • 12. Realistic visual damage when people get hit by bullets and explosives (like in World at War).

    Any good suggestions will be added to the list.

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