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MW3 vs BF3 - The real thread to end the stupidity from a Fan of both series

The MW3 vs BF3 stuff has gone on long enough, there comes a time when you have to be the bigger man or girl and walk away.


Lets get this sorted shall we.


Battlefield 3 - Questions of Stupidty


1. Has has it Beta which is a post-Alpha beta, it won't be the final game, to use this against the game is senseless and stupid


2. Bush Campers - Yes there are people hiding in the bushes on Metro, it wasn't the best map to show the game off, however on PS3 there is a button called select, it spots enemies, you spot them you get 10 points for sending them to their maker.


3. Map are too big - Get used to it, that is the way of game


4. lol its only 30fps - So? at 30fps it can be boosted to true HD, which I will get into in a bit


5. Its glitchly, I quit the beta because of it - Its a Beta, see question 1


Now that aside there are some issues with the game I have noticed, the console games do seem to have been tonned down in their content, in the maps show on the PC there are loads of vehicles etc, but the consoles seem to be limited to more infanty vs infanty which I think in a BF game sucks, if I wanted that I would wait for MoH 2


Modern Warfare 3 - Questions of Stupidty


1. Quickscopers are back - The annoying halfwits that they are will be back, not a good sign if you ask me


2. 60fps take that BF3 - While it will be 60fps it wont be true HD, as 1080i doesn't support it, but also due to the higher framerate MW3 has to be boosted from standard definition to 720p


3. Assassin will be overpower! - Please COD4 had UAV Jammer and it done the same thing as Assassin, if you can't shoot someone on the screen and have to require a Radar you should just camp.


4. Elite is better than Battlelog - They both do the same thing, the only thing Elite has over Battlelog is that you can upload videos, you have comps and  the DLC is via Elite rather than via the VIP pass system BF3 will use


Those are some of the questions, my biggest issue with MW3 is the lack of information regarding the PS3 version, again we are left in the dark with regards to the install option and what features will actually be cut from our game and will the DLC on Elite be covered by the MS arse kissing contract.


Now post away if you feel you don't like my questions of stupidity and if you don't like BF3 or want to troll about MW3 post here and I will be happy to send you down the correct path.