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Game unbalanced? Grenade launchers too weak?

Why would IW make grenade launchers so unbalanced? They say they are all about balance in the new one but they completely destroyed explosive damage. Especially grenade launchers. Look at MW2 they are most peoples favorite weapon (you see like atleast 3 grenade launchers in every game) and almost everyone has them set on atleast one class. But not dieing from an explosion 5 feet away is not only unrealistic its unbalanced. They take out danger close and one man army AND they make it harder to pick them up from scavenger. But how do they balance this? They reduce they damage AND add a perk to even farther reduce damage?? Thats not balanced at all. They just ruined one of they most widely liked and used weapon in the game. Come on, use your head IW... Seriously...


And for all you haters of the tube.. If its not a liked weapon how come every game you see so many? You just dont hear from the people who like it as much cause the only people that go to the forums are the ones complaining about it. The happy people are happy and playing the game.

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