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Nightcrawler and Deadpool

Nightcrawler and Deadpool Chapter 1


Shocker: Everybody on the floor now!!!


Civilians: Ahhh!


Shocker: Hey Dillon you got the money.


Electro: Right here Herman. This is a big amount of money.


Shocker: Put it the trunk, I don't want Web-Head to come this time.


???: Your lucky Herr Shultz.


Electro: Who said that?


Suddenly the mysterious figure teleports behind Electro, punches him from behind and teleports him in the air. Which makes Electro fall down to the floor, unconscious.


Shocker: God dammit!! Where are you!??!


???: Right behind you.


Shocker turns around and is immediately punched. Shocker falls down, unconscious.


???: Well that was easy.


Civilian: Who are you?


???: You can call me, Nightcrawler.


Nightcrawler teleports away from the bank and teleports to a small, old house in a deserted neighborhood.


Nightcrawler goes to the kitchen and looks for something to eat.


Nightcrawler: I think I'll have a sandwich.


The phone rings. Nightcrawler walk up to the phone picks it up.


Nightcrawler: Hello?


???: Kurt you wanna come back with the x-men soon?


Nightcrawler: I'll comeback soon Kitty. I just need a break.


Right after that, the doorbell rings.


Nightcrawler: What? Who would be looking for me?


Nightcrawler opens the door, and finds a man with a eye patch. Nightcrawler recognizes his face.


Nightcrawler: Herr Fury, what do you need?


Fury: Kurt, I have an offer to give and I think you will be interested.

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    I dont know if Nightcrawler will like this offer :lol:

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    I'm guessing he won't. :lol:

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    Nightcrawler and Deadpool Chapter 2


    Nightcrawler:  So what do you need me to do?


    Fury: I want you to become an agent for S.H.E.I.L.D.


    Nightcrawler: Why? What do you want me to do?


    Fury: Your ability to teleport will is extremely useful, and I think we found the murderer of you girlfriend.


    Nightcrawler looks at Fury, with anger in his eyes. It takes Kurt a along time to respond. This is why he left the x-men. In his mind, he can't stop thinking about Amanda. He finally responds.


    Nightcrawler: Who is he!!??


    Fury: Calm down Kurt. The person who killed Amanda is someone named Deadpool.


    Nightcrawler: That crazy person, he's the one who killed Amanda?


    Fury: Were certain, that he killed Amanda Kurt, I'm sorry for your loss. So will you join S.H.E.I.L.D?


    Nightcrawler: I'm not your dog Fury but since you found who killed Amanda, I'm in.


    Fury picks his cell phone.


    Fury: Send the helicopter.


    NIghtcrawler: You know I can teleport to the helicarrier.


    Fury: I hate teleporting, it makes my skin crawl.



    The helicopter lands. Nightcrawler and Fury go in and fly to the helicarrier.


    Meanwhile, Deadpool is at his hideout. He makes himself a sandwich and lays down on his couch.


    Deadpool: Great, everyone thinks I killed Nightcrawlers girlfriend. I wouldn't kill a hot lady!


    Deadpool pick up his gun and shoots at a picture of a big fat man.


    Deadpool: That fatass Blob killed her. Why would he kill her!!! He's probably gay. I always wondered how he was useful. Everytime I saw him he got his ass handed to either Beast or Colossus.


    Police sirens go off and some people knock on his door.


    ???: Open the door now!! This is S.H.E.I.L.D.


    Deadpool: Great there here now. Might as well teleport somewhere, hopefully it will work.


    Deadpool teleports away just as the S.H.E.I.L.D. officers barge through the door.


    Officer: Dammit he's gone!! Let's leave this place.


    The officers leave Deadpool's hideout. In the S.H.E.I.L.D. Helicarrier, officers are just talking to each other. Suddenly Deadpool teleports in the Helicarrier, the guards quickly point their guns at him.


    Deadpool: Aww C'mon!!!

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    Poor Deadpool. :P

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    Luck hasn't been on his side for quite a while :P

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    I can see that. :P

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    Deadpool just teleported right into trouble! :lol:

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    He sure did, didn't he? :P

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    ohh bartman? whens the next chapter?

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    Maybe today Ckid.

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    Cool, can't wait

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    I'm afraid we've got no choice but to wait. :P

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    Angry much? :P

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    Nightcrawler and Deadpool Chapter 3


    Nick Fury and Nightcrawler arrive at the Helicarrier. After they exit the helicopter, a guard runs up to Fury.


    Guard: Sir Deadpool is in the Helicarrier.He teleported inside and he is unconscious now.


    Fury: How the hell is he unconscious?! Wait...How the Hell did he here!!!


    Guard: We don't know sir. We used all of our tranquilizers darts sir.


    Fury: What!!!


    Guard: Sorry sir.


    Fury: We'll talk later, where is he now?


    Guard: In those super-powered jail cells.


    Fury: Kurt do you want to pa"”


    As Fury turns around, Kurt teleports away.


    Fury: Great. C'mon officer, we got to go.


    Fury and the guard run to the cells.


    Meanwhile, Kurt finds himself in the jail area. He looks around and see's Deadpool waking up.


    Deadpool: Where am I? Doesn't look to great in here"”


    Deadpool gets kicked in the face by Nightcrawler.


    Nightcrawler: You bastard!!


    Kurt teleports near Deadpool and starts punching him repeatedly.


    Deadpool: Wait WAIT!!! I didn't kill your girlfriend God Dammit!!


    Nightcrawler ignores him and keeps punching him.


    Nightcrawler: You liar!! S.H.E.I.L.D. told me it was you!


    Deadpool: It was the Blob, the Blob I tell you!!!


    Suddenly, two men appear. One of them has green skin a long tongue. The other has red hair and has a flamethrower strapped to his back.


    ???: Look at this Toad we found ourselves something.


    Toad: Yes we did Pyro, the boss is going to love this.


    Pyro: Nightcrawler and Deadpool, get ready to your ass kicked.


    Deadpool gets up and takes out his swords and gives them to Nightcrawler.


    Deadpool: Your gonna need this elf. Get ready for a long partnership.


    Nightcrawler and Deadpool get ready to fight Pyro and Toad.


    Pyro creates a tornado of fire at hurls it at Nightcrawler and Deadpool. Nightcrawler grabs Deadpool and teleports out of the way. They teleport behind Toad, who doesn't hear a thing.


    Deadpool: Pssssssssst, I get frog boy and you get the guy from down under.


    Before Kurt can respond, Deadpool yells some kind of battle cry and charges at Toad.


    Nightcrawler: This is becoming a bad day.


    Nightcrawler teleports in behind Pyro, who is fighting Deadpool. Nightcrawler runs up to Pyro, grabs him and teleports away. They appear near a river.


    Pyro: What the hell!!


    Nightcrawler kicks him in the stomach, which sends him falling in the river.


    Nightcrawler: Now that was easy, lets hope Deadpool is telling the truth.


    Kurt teleports back into the Helicarrier. He see's Toad being choked by Deadpool.


    Deadpool: Who sent you amphibian!


    Toad: I'll tell you just stop choking me!.


    Deadpool lets go and quickly points his guns at Toad.


    Deadpool: Move and you die. Simple as that. Now talk if you want to live.


    Toad: I was sent by Magneto okay!!


    Deadpool: Thank you Toad.


    Deadpool quickly shoots Toad, kiling him.


    Nightcrawler: What the hell!!!! Why would you kill him?!!?


    Deadpool: It's not like he was useful. I mean, what could he do?


    Nightcrawler: He could of led us to Magneto you idiot!


    Deadpool: Forgot about that, ah well don't worry, you'll find him. Or should I say, We'll find him.


    Nightcrawler: I'm going alone. I still don't know if your telling the truth.


    Deadpool: I didn't kill your girlfriend!!


    ???: I know who did.


    Nightcrawler and Deadpool turn around and see a skinny man with glasses.

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    Poor Toad. :lol:

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    Well he was pretty useless other than the fact he knew where Magneto was. :lol:

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    Too true. I just hope Pyro and Avalanche don't die, they're my fave bro'hoods. :lol:

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    Deadpool: Move and you die. Simple as that.



    Toad finds out what Frogger's life is like, then promptly dies.


    Frogger got squashed by Deadpool

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    Looks like a frog. :P

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    This may be a spoiler but........................Toad will come back :vampire:

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    Wouldn't surprise me a bit. :P

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    This may be a spoiler but........................Toad will come back :vampire:


    It would be awesome if Deadpool made a Frogger reference

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    where's the outlet?! :P

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    This may be a spoiler but........................Toad will come back :vampire:


    It would be awesome if Deadpool made a Frogger reference


    He will but Toad's not coming back for quite a while.

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    Froggy froggy froggy froggy froggy! Ribbit! :P

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    and of course, Deadpool blames it on the fat guy...so original Deadsy :lol:

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    Fatty fatty boombalatty. :P

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    Nightcrawler and Deadpool Chapter 4


    Nightcrawler and Deadpool look at the mysterious man. Deadpool seems to recognize him immediately.


    Deadpool: Weasel? Buddy is that you?


    Weasel: Unfortunately.


    Deadpool: Where were you?


    Weasel: The hospital. You stabbed me remember.


    Deadpool: Sorry about that. That was my bag of cheesy puffs.


    Weasel: What!? That was my bag!!


    Nightcrawler: Tell me what is going on here.


    Deadpool: Kurt meet Jack Hammer a.k.a. Weasel.


    Weasel: Hi Kurt I'm a friend of Deadpool.


    Deadpool: You mean sidekick.


    Weasel: Partner!


    Nightcrawler: Just tell me who killed Amanda.


    Weasel: It wasn't Deadpool.


    Deadpool: Told You!!!!!!!! You owe me one Elf!


    Nightcrawler: Okay Okay. Who killed Amanda?


    Weasel: Someone in the brotherhood.


    Nightcrawler: I think Pyro and Toad came here to send a message.


    Fury: Deadpool is the one who killed Amanda I'm sure of it! And what the hell happened here!


    Fury walks in with a couple of guards.


    Nightcrawler: Toad and Pyro appeared and caused a mess. How do you know Deadpool killed Amanda?


    Fury: We found her body in her home. There was a picture of Deadpool knocking on her front door.


    Weasel: Amanda was killed in New York. Deadpool was in Canada that time visiting someone.


    Deadpool: Damn right! Wait"¦Blob didn't kill her?


    Weasel: No Deadpool he had no involvement what so ever. Anyway, since the killer was in the Brotherhood and took the appearance of Deadpool, it was --


    Nightcrawler: No not her!


    Weasel: Sorry Kurt, it is her.


    Nightcrawler: Fury do you know where Magneto is right now?


    Fury: His base is in the Savage Land. You're not planning to go there right?


    Nightcrawler: I have to go Fury.


    Deadpool: I'll be going with you Elf.


    Weasel: So am I.


    Nightcrawler: What? Okay fine just this once.


    Deadpool: Get ready for a long partnership.


    Fury: I think we have a new team. Gear up and lets get ready.


    Nightcrawler, Deadpool, Weasel and Fury walk to the helicopter and get ready for their first mission.

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    Mommy dearest is a *****. :P

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    Nightcrawler has mother issues while Weasel and Deadpool say cheesy dialogue


    Crawlers ASSEMBLE

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    If we didn't eat cheesy poofs, we'd be....Lame. :P

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    When will this be updated?

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    How's the writing coming on this?