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Stalker why?

Lets start with i hate stalker i hate players who use it why do IW keep putting perks in the game to affect players mobility mw3 - stalker mw2 - commando i mean come on with this garbage when i started out gaming i had to learn to do things like strafe when shooting i play on tactical to duck behind cover easier when reloading dropshot when in tight situation why do these devs just hand the tools on plate to players that i have taken time to learn and countless hours to learn stalker in this game and the hit detection from the constant lag is a joke i remember when everybody thought IW was the premium developer of the COD titles my opinion now is they got lucky with one game because the last two titles from them have been a joke

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    I love stalker, name a better perk in that category?

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    You could ask the same about radars, UAVs, kill cams and mini maps.  I think players should learn where there are choke points and line of fires.  The current FPS are dumbed down for the masses.  COD rewards players that get killed with enemy locations (kill cam). How are players going to learn fields of fire when they are given the most important information in the game by UAVs and mini maps.


    IMO the new gamers lack the skill that was needed in previous FPS.

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    stalker is a must when using lmg's

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    Sorry I don't stand still for you to kill me. I can strafe and dropshot(I play on tactical too) when needed. The fact that I can strafe and have stalker makes me very deadly around corners. Its great for people who camp corners ADS while behind cover. People say you need to adapt to corner campers. Well this is my way to adapt. You need to adapt cause i just owned you.

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    the only bullshit deaths i have are down stalker it is one of the cheapest things in the game thats why a large percent of players use it

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    You know you was able to move the exact same way in COD3...without them making you use it as a perk...its not new.  get off your high horse and get out the house.

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    ur just bad at the game

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    There are far worse things to complain about within the game . . . Deathstreaks being top of my list!

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    yea becacase allowing players to faceplant yet still hold their gun perfectly and shoot at the same time (AKA DROP SHOTTING) definatly wasn't the DEVs handing people easy kills on a plate right? =.= cant beleive as drop shotter is complaining about people who can STRAFE quickly


    the only thing that makes stalker BS is the lag making hitmarkers hard at times

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    I don't use Stalker unless I get all perks with specialist. It's kinda fun to use, and helps against dropshotting scrubs.

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    Stalker=pointless for SMG/Shotguns/Sniper rifles

    Stalker=absolute necssicary for LMGs if you want to move with them

    Stalker=good for everything else but not necssicary


    What's the problem with it then.

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    Stalker is hands down the best tier 3 perk in the game.. I would never purchase another COD title without it.  Dropshotting is one of, if not the cheesiest tactic in the game.  IMO, it's right up there with final stand.


    You're only argument is the PRO upgrade is a bit OP. 


    BTW, strafing a hip firing in BOPS takes zero talent, with or with out steady aim.

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    SITREP-PRO is way better than stalker imo.


    If I using my gold lw86 thingy then its Thermal scope and SPEED proficiency.


    Im not saying stalker is usless, but it is a perk for the Rookie, same as Marksman you could say.

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    Why would you complain about Stalker being cheap and then talk about drop-shotting?  They both involve using the same principle - avoiding being shot while shooting your opponent.  We all have the same perks and tactics available to us and all use what we feel is the most beneficial for the way we want to play.  Rather than looking for something to be removed, think about how to counter it. 

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      dropshoting is still better as getting panic knifed. Also you have to keep in mind that you need to play on tactical settings and that takes pretty much away knifing. Except you find a guy from behind and just simply stab him. Every thing has its downside. Also dropshoting is pretty much also a military tactic (not run and instant throw on the ground while shoting.) cause you are making yourself a harder to hit target. The only problem i have with stalker is that its affecting claymores and bouncing bettys.

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    I never really used stalker at the beginning, but when I did I was surprised by how awesome it was. On AR rifles and LMG's it's amazing, I love being able to strafe and shoot. It's great for making yourself a harder target. I use it on SMG's sometimes as well as you look like a crazed chipmunk with the higher speed. It's a great perk and I would be confused without it now. I've got so used to dodging people and putting them down, so I would miss it.


    Op, maybe you're just frustrated because it makes the other people a harder target. I've been there at times, they are harder to shoot, but it's available for everyone to use and you have to sacrifice dead silence or sitrep which are both great. (Unless you do specialist muahhaha) Just relax and get your aim on target.

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    i have to ask this, what is the BFD with Stalker? i dont understand why people are so mad about getting killed by those who use it. even a few of my friends complain about it. i asked them why they hate it and then they give the infamous answer of "it takes no skill". seriously? is that the answer to all the complaints now?


    all stalker does is allow the user to move faster while ADS. i dont see why that is such a problem. so they are aiming down their sight coming around the corner a bit faster......WHO CARES?! correct me if i am wrong but aiming down your sight while coming around the corner is the SMART thing to do so you actually have a chance to kill someone who is either coming at you from the other direction or camping in a corner.


    and all the pro version does is have a Scrambler pro effect of delaying claymores and the like.


    so again i ask, what the hell is the problem with this perk? i dont use it cuz i use dead silence and sitrep most of the time so dont think i am biased. i just dont understand why people are complaining about this kind of perk.

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    What tickles me the most about the stalker complainers is the fact that they claim there are soo much better perks to use and stalker is crap. However, with the same mindset they claim stalker is cheap and over powered.


    Stalker taking no skill is definitely a lie. It takes time and experience to acclamate yourself to the accelerated movement speed. Even thenso, these people should just be easy prey for others since you were smart enough to use the "better" perks in the first place.


    If Sitrep/Dead Silence/etc. is sooo much better in your opinion, why are you worried about someone using a much worse perk? Seems to me they picked the good one and you picked the bad one.


    I have had good and bad experiences with stalker. One of the better ones is people seem to overcompensate ALOT expecting me to glide when strafing, but I don't use Stalker so they overcompensate and spray far to the side of me while I have barely moved. Just boils down to, you win some and lose some.

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    Stalker is the best perk I've used.  But I'm totally screwed when Black Ops 2 comes out.  I won't be able to aim correctly.

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    Moaning about stalker lol

    The people who moan are the ones that spray at me while I strafe until there out of ammo then as there reloading I kill them lol


    People have always strafed so I don't see what the problem


    At the end of the day being out strafed, drop shotted or jump shotted ect it's all advanced stuff to stay alive.


    My advice is use it on assault rifles unless people in the lobby with sitrep pro.