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predator missile or air strike?

With predator missile you will definetily hit your target but you need to control it. With air strike you need only to throw but may miss your target. With is better?

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  • Re: predator missile or air strike?

    Between predators and airstrikes I almost always go for the predator. 


    With an air strike you have to throw it somewhat precisely and use flashbangs to make the jugg stay on top of the smoke. 


    With a predator I can run away from the enemies, get behind cover, and then throw down the missile real quick before they get up to my position.

  • Re: predator missile or air strike?

    Airstrikes are fast to deploy and deal MUCH more damage than Predators, but with Predators you have the advantage of the UAV drone (if you have a mic you can communicate with your partner exactly where enemies are).  With that said the missile itself becomes practically useless in the higher rounds (while the airstrike can still pick off 1-2 enemies even in three-digit rounds). Therefore, I'd recommend Airstrike to get kills (unless if the enemy's really far away). The Predator is more useful as an advanced UAV.

  • Re: predator missile or air strike?

    Lower waves you can easily use a Predator Missile, but on the tougher, it's always best for air strikes. Especially when it is heli's AND jugs. Try get them grouped together and throw.

    Also, when C4 dogs take a fair few bullets, having a pred open with them there is dangerous. Claymores don't help because one or two just doesn't cut it.

    • Re: predator missile or air strike?

      i would have to agree about the pred/as as for the claymores if you drop c4 in front of them they become much more effective. as the rounds increase u have to put more c4 a good rule of thumb is for every 10 rounds drop 1 extra c4 out. honestly once you get up over 100 airstrikes are just as useless as the pred and frankley a waste of money as it takes like 4 or 5 airstrikes to drop the juggs 10000-12500. not cost effective. better to flash nd shoot