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Level 10 PS3 Clan Now Recruiting


If your looking for a small Call Of Duty community with seroius players or just to be part of a team then consider joining Army Of Valor {~AV~} we are still fairly new and competed in 16 clan ops and in 6 of them claimed a silver. with that said we are also recruiting more premium members as we only have 3 currently.



  • We have over 10 members and growing that play daily and play all game modes
  • every player has a mic to make communication better
  • You will have a Gold Clan Tag and Title and Also new Emblems
  • We have our own website to talk using our forums and share games videos and other things.
  • Looking for the players who play for the objective rather than there damb K:D


If you want a freindly team to back you in your online play and talk later to get to know new freinds and improve your gameplay then message me here or go to our clan page and apply




Talk to you soon