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    Yep it sure is, matches are still 50/50 crap shoot!  Luckily its almost November!

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    yes cause 3arch has no lag.  Unbelievable.

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    Not for me, once I upgraded my internet for Bops 80-90% games had zero lag, it was the bees knees!


    I am sorry you did but MW3 is a joke so I am just being hopeful.

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    I am just now seeing this. This is a great video. Has any developers or IW people posted in here?

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    So how much higher was your k/d in Bops vs MW3?

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    Towards the end of Bops I was pulling a 1.5-2 KDR, in MW3 I am probably around 1-1.2KDR, lol.

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    Well, you're definitely in the minority.

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    I went back to Black Ops and been having great games.  My KD is like .1 higher in Black Ops than MW3.

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    Loved this video and how well it was put together.




    I also totally agree with the thoughts you shared at the end of the vid how people with good Internet shouldn't be punished and how people who are unable to get good Internet shouldn't pull host and also shouldn't get a boost for it.




    In MW2 I lived in a small farming village in Northern Ireland my Internet was 1.5mb up at its peak and had rubbish ping and really poor latency as such I 3 barred/ 2 barred 99% of all games I entered.  As a result I expected to have to up my reactions to offset the lag I would RIGHTLY experience due to my poor Internet this meant I played pre emptively and did so with limited success pulling in a 1KD and that was because I knew I would be behind a player with a better connection (usually everyone lol) so I trained myself to work around it.




    In black ops I upgraded from 1.5MB and a rural farm village to 30MB and a small town I didn't notice any lag in Blops but then again the contrast in game play was huge I went from a tweak shooter where I had to play pre emptively to even have a chance of getting a kill to a shooter where gun fights lasted longer accuracy was immensely important and staying on target took precedent over getting in the first bullet so I think that’s the reason I didn't really pick up on lag comp back then.




    Enter MW3 still in the small village now with 60MB connection and a lot better router and equipment my latency and ping are rated some of the highest in the entire of the UK by popular speed testing sites and what happens? well for the first few months everything is amazing I get back into the twitch shooter mentality and pull my highest kill death of any cod and best win/loss ratio why? because generally November through December right up until around Christmas those people who buy cod are serious gamers who invest in their Internet who know how much help a great Internet can (SHOULD) be in an online game.







    Now I then sold my xbox and had to stop gaming for a while due to work reasons etc. I kept the Internet still rated in the highest percentile in the UK and come June 20th I purchase a new xbox 360 and a copy of MW3 and COD4 which by the way apart from the odd hacker is really smooth for me and plays like a dream.




    In MW3 however I get the instant kill the numerous hit markers that don't translate to the kill cam all of the things that are mentioned in your great video and It sucks so bad because I cant really adjust my game play now to suit it due to the lag comp now being so damn unpredictable at least in MW2 I could predict how the lag would work in the game and play around it now? now it changes from lobby to lobby and game to game.




    So please all those at infinity ward please pay attention to this and TREYARCH please don't implement the lobby system of lag comp in you match making it ruins the game for everyone and this comes from someone who spent time in both camps.








    ( I am severely dyslexic and have trouble with punctuation and word and sentence structure sorry for any inconvenience but please help me by letting me know  if Im doing something wrong please message me about it and I will work on it.)





    The codPredator

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    8 Months later and this is STILL an issue.