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Friday Topic: The Top 9 things to do and not to do in the game!




I wanted to share with ya'll what I consider things not to do or do (its subjective to each person) but here goes:


  • Do not send multiple (more than 2) game invites: If your psn bud doesn't join your lobby on the second invite he is either away or doesn't want to join.
  • Do not send invites then bail on your invited guests after one game.
  • Do not call people campers (even if they are) no point to it you only encourage it more
  • If using microphone tell your team (if possible) where you see the enemy (share your Intel)
  • Play the objective and avoid looking like a total dou-che (seriously, play the game)
  • Avoid running in pairs, two kills at once hurt more than one at a time
  • If you are lagging stay put, unfortunately you are at a disadvantage but running around is just dumb
  • Do no back out because you lost one or two games, fight them for that win
  • Try different game modes, learn other ways. I have made it a point to try new things and its a good thing, I suggest HC KC or barebones


These are my top 9 many of you might disagree with my views but add what you think is good form or bad form.

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    another great post and some very good pointers here for every one

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    I like most of yours my biggest though is; if you're -20 in kills to deaths please leave before it's too late. I feel bad for the other team and my team that has to over come this obstacle during a match. It's hard to win when you have a guy who feeding killstreaks to the opposing team. Especially when they're splitscreeners

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    Yay!  Another great post that isn't spamming the forums asking for subs, talking about their great MOABS played in objective based games or complaining about a certain weapon/tactical that is op.


    Thank you for continuing these threads ego, I really appreciate having something legitimate to respond to. 


    I agree with all you have said.  I hate when a team mate is on their mic, dies, and tells know one where they died, how many enemies were there, etc.  It is very important info to dish out to your team, yet most people just want to go back for the revenge kill and could care less about the team as a whole. 


    I'd' add don't encourage the little kids either.  It seems like if I get into a lobby with them, they always have something to say.  You can be having a conversation with your buddy and one of them will chime in with something "smart" to say.  I try and ignore it most of the time, but often I bite and I realize it is all for not with them.  They "know" they are the best and will dominate you so let them think it, and show them in game how scrubby they actually are. 


    Another, (this is again aimed at the little kids), just b/c you find adults online playing during the day doesn't mean we have no life.  Generally it means we work nights and this is the only chance we get to play in-between work, kids and wife.  Kids: don't talk **** if you can't back it up!   


    Do not keep running the SAME direction, especially if you are dying that way.  I never understand when I am patrolling an area and an enemy keeps running back to my area only to loose the gunfight.  Why wouldn't he wisen up and try to flank me?  Point is, I try and never do the same thing twice in a game.  Run one path, then another, then switch to another.  Run and Gun, then slow down mid-game, then close to the end start your run & gun method again.  I am contsantly adjusting to how the enemy plays and that in turn leads me to more wins. 

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    I agree, with it all. Especially, the "do not back out" point. I will not back out of a game because we are losing or my k/d sucks or my greenie teammates suck. Winning and losing is a part of the game. I will back out of a lagging game, that's the games fault.

    Also, the opposing team having clan tags does not mean you will be murked! It just means you have one extra challenge of playing against players that are familiar with each other. As randoms, you still can win!!! If you communicate and know how to play the game mode. I've been on both sides of the coin on this one.  If you are playing objective-based games (Dom, CTF, S&D, etc) USE A MIC! You don't need all three flags in Dom to win. Having that one killwhore or noob flipping spawns usually is the reason you will not win against a full party. And if you are just playing to up you k/d, please please please, go play TDM that is the objective of that game.

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    Only one I don't agree with is not running in pairs.  Don't run immediately behind your teammate as that's an easy double kill for the enemy, but running a few steps behind and to a side can lead to a lot of assists for one, kills for the other, and often leads to the enemy panicking, not knowing which one to shoot first.  I've also seen this as a fairly effective tactic if the person in front carries a riot shield.


    Since I mostly play solo, I'll often trail a teammate if he is going into a high traffic area just to use him as bait to draw out the enemy's position.

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    I don't disagree with any of your nine.  I'll add a couple...


    When the winning team boast how they owned us, yeah, my team all got 1 or 2 kills and 1 or 2 deaths - this means they were thrown in at the last minute and weren't "owned" in the slightest.  The real culprits who were "owned" left.  Use you're head before mouthing off.


    Don't call people a camper because they killed you 11 times in domination, you kept running down the same route, what dd you expect them to do, gve up an easy kill?


    Never call someone a camper in domination when they have more caps and defends than you.  They may be camping but they are playng the objective.


    Dont mess about in public games, it's not big, it's not clever and doesn't achieve anything.


    Great thread, pity those who aren't the "problem" are the ones who will read it and contribute.  Those who wont read it will carry on being idiots.

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    Don't kneel or lay down in doorways preventing your team from getting through.  I hate having to detour from routes because d-bag teammates will clog a doorway and refuse to move.

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    Nice... I have never seen anyone point a finger and silly game invites before.


    I will add a few:


    -If you invite someone to a party, wait for them and do not go in game

    -If you invite someone while they are in game, realize they are in a game and may be doing good. Spamming them with invites is very distracting (I think you may have covered this)

    -If you invite someone, Do not signout

    -Don't invite someone to a game lobby that is practically full (especially if they are in another game)

    -If you invite someone and they invite you back, assume that means they have people with them so ask how many they have

    -Only have one member in your party invite someone. If you receive multiple invites, you make the subsequent ones (that they may be responding to) invalid. This is one of the reasons why you get "session no longer valid" when trying to join parties.

    -Don't invite people to a pvt game without warning them it is a pvt game (no, I do not want to play your fricking stupid personal game modes)

    -Don't be a douche and invite someone you just massacred back to a lobby so you can massacre them again. Don't be a poor winner.


    *sigh* can only think of 8

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    DO NOT: Send me a message "boost?" or "snipe?" when I'm playing 1v1 faceoff, I play the way I want to play and no other way. (they usually rage quit after 2 kills, then send me a message "you're a noob for using a normal weapon instead of cheapscoping" or something close..)

    DO NOT: talk **** in pre game lobbies, before getting kicked in the ballz 15-1 in faceoff, nothing makes you look more stupid =P

    DO: Add me to your friends list after a close and fun game, instead of sending angry messages or talking sh"t, it's always nice to play with people around your own skill level.

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    On top of using the mic for intel purposes, use it to listen as well. I hate when I'm calling out enemy positions, or asking teammates where they just died from and don't get an answer.


    As danny said, I disagree about the running in pairs thing as well. Running directly behind a teammate is stupid, but staying in the same general area as teammates is beneficial. A buddy of mine works as my "scout" and vice versa if one of us is on a decent kill streak. We essentially use each other as bait.


    Don't criticize others playstyles if their beating you. It annoys the crap out of me when teammates/clan members ***** about the other teams tactics in the lobby after we lose. If you got beat, accept it, figure out a way to counter it and move on.


    Don't invite randoms, period. I hate getting invites from people not on my freinds list.