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CoD Wii Communiy lend me your ears...or eyes whatever works [poem]


Super Fly Epic Poem Done Right
-Written by Pikaboo (smiley face)

Allies, Friends, and Acquaintances I speak two only on holidays! Lend me you’re ears!
Hackers and noobs run rampant, spreading fear!
Running Redbox and Custom secondaries,
But do they not say there legit and legendary?
For the hackers and noobs I know;
think themselves troll, but thats is not how we roll!
We do it for show and amusement!
They only laugh! From there basements!
They call themselves 1337
without hacks they can be beat!
Quite easily I might add
And a toast to our buddy Faze Fakie
who in his own way is taking a breakie
from his evil ways
Namely the Redbox and Custom secondaries
No recoil, for his aim could not spoil
Thermal vision, because Redbox isn't enough with his condition
And Small reticle because if it’s big it’s a ridicule!
MW3 and Black Ops are rampant with hacks and noobs
And did Faze Fakie not say he’s legit? And that he’s through?
We must not forget! Faze Fakie is an honorable man

He plays legit now

And so we must celebratie! Go shake his hand!
Cookie King, Oh Cookie King Where art thou Cookie King?
for we cannot party without our nutrition!
make haste friends! If we hurry and sign this petition;
We can surely get map packs on the Nintendo Console!

amscram friends! Lo and Behold!
‘Tis Foxhound! His BanHamma goes Woosh!
He looks angry and I dont think hes fakin’
Sacrifice the Porkins! WE NEED SOME BACON!