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Pro Perk challenges wont update

I was trying to get tactical mask pro and had just finished the flashbang challenge and saw the message. I exited the match before the little popup notice was gone and now it is stuck at 19/20 flasbangs. The Nova Gas also will not update. I tried dashboarding at the multiplayer main menu and nothing as changed. What do i do...

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    i have similar issue, except my FFA, Demolition, and Domination challenges dont add up , some things are but i have been stuck on 550/6000 veteran on FFA for months, and domination vet isnt even registering.. :-(

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    Same problem ish. I've taken out over 10 Sentry Guns and it's not registering as such in the Ghost Pro challenges. Judging by the length of time this post has been here and had zero replies from support, i don't think they care about anything but BO2. There are so many more problems too. This is my first Treyarch game and my last unfortunately. I actually like it in spite of the problems and countless cheats, but having no support is unacceptable.