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vote! titanic map

well now,

me and friends came up wittgh map last yesr but when the bo2 website was lunched i quickley made the vote for it so this is whst we have done so far.

i no poelpe think this i a cheesey map idea, but i have a plan on how it could work. ok you start at the grand staircase then you ether open the door to the boat deck or clear the collapsed railings to go down to  e deck. then fight your way down to the boiler rooms then enter the enigne room where the power switch is and then the teleporter is there. the other way is when on the boat deck you fight up and down the deck then buy yourself a seat on a lifeboat. then ride it until it gets jamed in front a hatch. then inside you have to fight through the third class coradors that eventully lead into the engine room. now poeple say that is call of the dead but in the north atlanic but its not near land or a lighthouse. but anyways when you get on the teleporter it teleports you to the crows nest to find one of the easter egg, bells.  then it will teleport you to the turkish baths to get the pack a puch machine. when all the easter eggs, a heavy medal version hear come god thea. the characters that the players would be playing are Artey Frost, bruce ismay, harold bride and tohmas andrews. or if there is the 8 player option would also be tommy miller, willim merdock, john jacob aster the 3rd and molly brown. how the zombies cam to be was that a brain altering bacterya gets spread throught the ventalation system. and the only ones that have not got infected are these famous people. the character qouts are


artey frost - blows his forman wistel and yells out"men put down you tools and die!".


molly brown - yells out ether " sink this you *******!!" or "hey boys i think we should go back and cap there skulls one by one!"


bruce ismay - yells out ether" this ship wound sink unless we kill them all!" or " my ship" my gun" your head"


harold bride - yells out ether " god damit no power how will we live?" "i will zap you with the power of morscode


tommy miller - yells out " hey zombies, i just cleaned these decks with your blood"


thomas andrews - yells out ether " la la la, bang bang boom i will doom you *******" or " hey ismey, look how fast there blood is sinking your ship"


john jacob aster the 3rd - yells out ether" zombies i will sue your guts until the ship sinks of cash" or " how will i get my shinny bulltes now"


william merdock - yells out " hard to starboard and fully atomatic"


truly this idea works! yes people, the idea is just stupid and not core. but for the history buffs and the average player its a map to remember. more so then kino der toten. and fact  half if not most of the people who play the COD games or kids from ages 9 to 15 year olds. so i mean it gives an exuce for the kids to get the game becuase it is based on  real ship with real characters. so in all this idea will be # 1

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    [leaes vote below

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    was going to give u facepalm but u actualy gave it some thought to work out ur idea. Titanic? No, ppl would get on the front and fall of or make only some bad youtube vids on it. If ur goal is to add history to the game add something with a dark history to it, some strang, unsolved or unexpained mystery. Something so the can post vid on youtube of little kids start crying cause finally they made zombies a scarry game.

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    no they already have a map with a boat, cal of the dead and wouldn't it get repeditive with all of the rooms being almost exactly the same, and they would somehow have to make that part of the story so not only do i not want it, it won't happen



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      call of dead is nothing like it, becuase in call of the dead your on a beached ship with a light house. the titanic map would be historicaly acurate in context of location put story how ever has nothing to do with cotd!

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        who thinks this works

        because this took me and friends 4 months plan out nd we are making it as we speak.

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          i'm not really sure what you're trying to say but if you want to make a custom map of the titanic then by all means go and do it, but if you want it to be in BO2 as an official map then it doesn't interest me nearly as much as other things like even a modern cruise ship


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            its a mod were planing to add to our zombie maps it wont be complete until 1/4/2013

            so if you want it you going to have to wait. we are also making a airport map that is were you r getting off at a airport of called air field 17 and wont be releast untill december. the only think that i will tell is that it will be exploding everywhere you go in the map. ps its a gas leak. its all a apart of the story. the reason the titanix is going to longer is that it has to be historicaly acurate and detailed. because we domt want any goofs or restritions for the map.

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    This is a bad idea...just like any underwater map, boat map, island map, etc.  They all don't understand zombie 101.  Here it is again.  Zombies are the Undead.  They are the reanimated corpses of the dead.  The dead do not sink in water.  Call it...buoyancy!  Physics 101:  When a body dies it floats on top of the water as water gets in to the pours of the skin and creates buoyancy.  A dead body will float on top of the water indefinitely.  They usually dissapear after water creatures eat the remains.


    How can the undead infect floating bodies...then submerge to fight the living?  How can zombies reach a boat floating in the middle of the ocean?  They don't have the coordination to swim.  The best they could do is wait until a wave pushes them up against the boat and hope for a random twitch to carry them up the side of a boat.


    If they build a water map, they might as well build weapons that spread bird flu and hope the undead die of a virus.  I know what you are saying, "Hey that's not a bad idea!"  Yes it is.  The infected can't die of an infection.  Zombies die from fire and head trauma.  If you don't believe me watch The Walking Dead, or read any blog about how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

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    You might aswell ask for a 9/11 map once Americans are less sensitized over the attacks. Yes, it was a tradegy, yes thousands died, but what has it got to do with zombies? The setting and era (perhaps the circumstances) don't cater a zombie outbreak. Perhaps as a spoof map, like 'Five' or Call of the Dead, but even then I'm still sceptical because there are many altogether more interesting zombie spoof setting ideas out there than a large passenger liner sinking in the Atlantic in 1912.

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