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    What about a Peter Parker Costume Pack? It includes the "The Amazing Spider-Man Movie" Peter Parker, "90s Animated Series" Peter Parker, "2003 New Animated Series" Peter Parker, Ultimate Peter Parker, "70s Live Action" Peter Parker, ...


    And I would totally like to see the 70s Live Action Spider-Man as a costume (you remember Nicholas Hammond?) and of course the original comic suit.

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    Ooooh, I like that idea a lot. I would love to play as Andrew Garfield's Parker! And come on, who WOULDN'T wanna play as '90s Peter Parker? I could take or leave the 2003 and '70s Parkers, but Ultimate Peter Parker would be awesome because 1) You can play as a 15-year-old kid! and 2) It would be a nice throwback to the USM game from several years back

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    (sorry for the double answer)

    Of course, I'd also love to have Peter from The Spectacular Spider-Man, although I don't know if Beenox could legally put him in the game... they'd need Sony's permission, I guess.

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    I want to have the miles morales skin

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    Remember how in Spider-man: The movie game how you could play as Alex Ross Spider-man and it changed Green Goblin's costume as well? I would love something like that as DLC. A different "theme" for the game. Classic theme would change all the looks of the characters to their classic comic book incarnation. The Lizard in a labcoat? The scorpion in a green costume? I think a good theme would be animated theme.But no cel-shade like Arkham City. Just regular graphics with modfied costumes. But all in all if there is one costume I want it is the classic suit.

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    As for trying or not trying to unlock the costumes there should've been a way to determine where certain items are for the unlock to work. I'm just saying for those younger players out there trying their hardest to find everything and claim a 100% victory for everything, I've just got to say is where is the beenox building? I can't find it, do you have an aerial view image of the city that could be emailed to me? I'm gonna buy the guide anyway if I can't help my nephew find the building so that his bragging rights are intact for a 7 yr old. Thanks

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    near times square-ish. Beenox is written in blue. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvvuJmyG-AQ skip to 2:05 to see the map of where the building is. This doesn't show the location of the costume on the building. I did that so he could watch without it being spoiled.

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    Is there an easier way 2 get the new ASM black suit?

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    Human difficulty and achievement/collectibles guide.

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    I think the one costume I want more than anything is the classic red and blue suit. However, I've realized there are a few options.

    -Shattered Dimensions: The Amazing suit in this game was pretty great, pretty much an exact rendition of the standard spider suit

    -Edge of Time: After playing through the game again, I realized how awesome this suit is; the eyes are great, it looks more handmade, and maybe when it gets damaged in ASM, it can eventually look like it does in the later sections of EoT

    -Romita: Come on, how awesome would a classic John Romita, Sr. suit be? With that classic spider logo, and the classic colors and webbing, and those awesome eyes

    -Ultimate: Awesome big eyes and everything!

    -Any other standard red and blue version of the suit: Seriously, I just want the classic comic costume, in any form!