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Injustice: Gods Among Us

if you liked Nether Realm Studios' MK9 then you will probably like their foray into the superhero market with this DCU fighting game

if you didn't know, it features a cast of more than 20 characters, has huge destructible interactive backgrounds with multiple fighting areas,  super moves, super combo breakers, and a super move bar wagering system for stand-off type moves

so far Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Solomon Grundy and Harley Quinn have been revealed

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    15 minutes of new gameplay footage narrated by Ed Boon

    includes Flash's supermove, Superman, Batman and Solomon Grundy

    looks like 24 character slots and 15 levels to choose from

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      I cannot wait for this game! I've wanted it since MKvDC was released. I'm suprised Harley got announced for the Joker, but she is pretty popular in her own right. I'll say the same thing I said on the RockSteady thread, I want someone from the Hawk-family in this game. I've grown to love their mythos.

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        yeah, I think Hawkwoman would be amazing!

        I also hope to see Green Arrow, Black Canary, Dr. Fate, Vixen, Zatanna, and....just about everyone else

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          yeah, I'm surprised Joker wasn't an inital reveal

          I hope the next round of character reveals is a fruitful one

          although, Nightwing is an AWESOME choice and I can't wait to use him

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            Joker probably wasn't revealed first because Harley Quinn's Revenge for Arkham City came out around the same time they revealed the game. Promotion, all that good stuff.


            I'd like to see these heroes...


            - Green Arrow

            - Black Canary

            - Zatanna

            - Hawkman or Hawkgirl, preferably Hawkman.

            - Zatanna

            - Booster Gold

            - Blue Beetle (Jamie, asking for Ted is kind of pointless)

            - Hal Jordan

            - Aquaman

            - Martian Manhunter

            - Dr.Fate

            - Steel

            - Plastic Man

            - Captain Marvel....I mean, Shazam!

            - Animal Man

            - Huntress

            - Saint Walker

            - Firestorm

            - Phantom Stranger

            - Robin (Damian)

            - Jonah Hex

            - Red Hood


            and so many more.


            Vllains, just everyone from MkvsDC, plus Bane, Sinestro, Captain Cold, Black Adam, Deadshot, Scandal Savage, Catman, Black Manta, Bizarro, Doomsday, and Atrocitus. I wouldn't mind some Vertigo characters, or someone from Watchmen. That actually be pretty awesome...

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    Yes, Hawkwoman is exactly who I was thinking of lol

    Black Canary should be easy since they've already developed a woman with fishnets and a sonic scream. I also hope to see Shazam! (I loved him in MKvDC), Catwoman (see Shazam!), and Martian Manhunter he'd have so many power possibilities.

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    The Bat-characters look quite awesome. I have a feeling I'll be using Nightwing A LOT. I'd also kind of like for Batgirl to be in this game (being one of my favorite characters), but it would be kind of overkill on the Bat-characters lol.

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      yeah, I'd like Batgirl too, maybe as DLC

      according to a recent interview with Ed Boon, he says the roster will be nearly split down the middle of Heroes to Villains

      so that's interesting

      I'm thinking 12 or 13 of each, most likely

      (he said the roster will be about the same as MK9 mid twenties range with DLC to come out soon)

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    The hero-villain split sounds nice. It's pretty uncommon for video games to do that so I won't complain. I wonder what villains we'll see. I'm 90% sure we'll see Catwoman AND Bane due to the Dark Knight Rises and probably Lex Luthor because he's Lex Luthor. Deathstroke will probably return from MKvDC as well. For new villains I'd like to see Gorilla Grodd (who doesn't want to use a psychic monkey), Gentleman Ghost, and Poison Ivy.

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    Star Sapphire could be pretty cool as long as all the Lantern characters are different. It shouldn't be hard because the constructs have infinite possibilities. Plus Carol's costume is right up Nether Realm's alley lol. Killer Frost could be cool as well. She's got a good shot if they don't use Ice or Mr. Freeze. Sub-Zero is my favorite character from the MK series so I'm hoping for some Icefighting in this one.

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    Some confirmations here and there since the announcement (I honestly can't recall them by memory). Also, looks like Hawkgirl/woman will be in the game after all! Nightwing looks like he'll have the coolest gameplay. I think read somewhere of Black Adam's inclusion which should be epic (if it's true).