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give us our money back

with all these glitches and updates that is happening also with all this server connection timed out you should be getting this sorted or give us our money back.

everyone that this is happening to are all of the same mind and are getting fed up with this.

all you are doing is alienating past and present genuine gamers and stealing our well earned money from us.

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    Take your game back to GameStop or wherever you got it with the reciept and say that you want your money back.  If you can't get your $60-100 back just trade it in for $20 or so and just live with it.

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    No they do not have to give you your money back. Online is a privilege and not a right nor was it ever claimed it would be perfect and with out flaws. So to expec that just shows you havea  entitlement mind of way of thinking and have yet to grow up and realize that no you do not always get what you want no matter how much you think you should.

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      Yet we pay for online services? its not a mentality of entitlement, but the fact that we pay for the ability to play online...so with it not working correctly, they are not upholding their end of the deal.

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        No what you pay for through xbox is to use xbox services is has nothing to deal with how an individual game works. So no the makers of that game do not owe you any money ever. So yes it is an entilement midndes state of thinking. that just because you pay for xbox that all games should work the way you think they should.


        Plus xbox live offers more than just online gaming so if just one part of the serice is not working as you want that does not mean they are breaking the agreement either. So once more no they do not owe you or anyone else any money back because of how this game works online on their service.

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    So the servers are down, big deal, that kind of stuff happens with online games. MMOs have scheduled maintenence that takes their servers down for an entire day, followed by hours long emergency maintenence because something didn't work as intended, but you don't see the playerbase revolting. I'm sure they are working on the problem. Go outside, play a different game, or pout quietly in a corner, because the retailer doesn't care about you. Does your disc work?  Thats what matters to retailers, and only for a short period of time after purchase. No one is getting a refund. Kids these days.

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    Here is the truth.

    IW/Activision doesn't care about the gamer's experience. All they care about is money. Have a nice day.

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    Oh my god really ?


    The internet is acting up ???


    My god what will I ever do ????


    Get over it man. Nothing is perfect in this world and things break and or die everyday.


    Even god isnt perfect, everything he makes either fails or dies.


    what pathetic people we have in the world. the internet is down on a weekend and some people who dont have dates cant play a game online. So we have to deal with cursing and crying little adults and or children. Or big crying adults.


    This is even worse than the kid who commited suicide cause he couldnt play WoW.


    BTW My game is working fine. maybe you guys should take an Xbox Live 101 course.

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    Buyer beware. Video games, much like 99% of anything we purchase or consume, don't come with a money-back guarantee. You take a risk when you buy a game. MW3, for all its issues, is still better than most of the garbage games out there.


    I have had no issues with XBL at all lately, its worked like a charm. I am not currently playing MW3, I just need a break from it for a while, but the other games I am playing are working just fine.


    You have a few choices here.

    1) Take the game back to your retailer and get some money back from your investment or trade it towards another title.

    2) Take some time off from MW3. Let it rest for a while, and play some other games, I know that has helped me re-discover my love of gaming.

    3) Make sure your internet connection and router are set up correctly as recommended by Xbox. Are your NAT settings correct? Are you wireless or hard-wired?

    4) Adjust your game accordingly. Try a different game mode.


    Your anger is misdirected. This late in the game, we all have to realize this game isn't going to be fixed. We hold out hope for future titles that these issues will be resolved. Its never going to be perfect, all you can do is control your reaction to it.

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    Removed a string of discussion. OP, please show some maturity in your posts. There's no reason to escalate to insults and foul language.