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KC ruin TDM


I'm not saying like it's a bad playlist. It's one of my favorite playlist due to how much more fast pace it is than TDM. But I've been thinking. So alot of players from KC and TDM use to be in TDM from older Call of Duty's. Could it be that KC made more of the rushers go to that game and left most of the campers behind for TDM?? What do you guys think??



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    No, TDM is still a camp fest. I think KC drew the better players away from TDM though. I think the guys who were bored of TDM but not a fan of other objective games moved to KC.

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      That would be me.  I like other objective games but I usually run solo so I don't bother with those games.  I switched to KC because TDM (especially in MW3) became a giant campfest after the christmas noobs started playing.  I'm glad it's gonna be in Black Ops 2.  I will probably never go near TDM anymore. 

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      I agree with this, i started with TDM on mw3 after only playing that on MW2 and i felt it was so slow! Went to KC and after getting used to it i feel it is a relatively quicker game

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    No, in every game mode, in every lobby that play style will appear.

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    I think KC just freshened it upabit, TDM was getting abit boring. As for campers on TDM alot of them moved to KC aswell. Its a style of play unfortunately that we have to deal with. Alot of people disagree with my style of play (Which is basically do whatever the hell i like because i dont care what anyone else thinks. I get called names however i play.) I do think KC was designed to get you moving about abit more (to collect and deny tags) but unfortunately alot of people dont bother with this and just play for kills and completely ignore the objective, as with domination. I think they should patch it so that only you can confirm your kill but anyone can deny

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    I would say the less campier guys went to kc.


    Test it yourself go play 5 games or tdm in different lobbies then play kc you will see more campier styles in tdm

    Add to this the score you can get in kc compared to tdm and kc becomes the best tdm lol

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    The problem with TDM is (in theory) that a team could camp the whole game AND win.


    This is not possible in KC. So if a player likes to camp, and wants a win here and there, they will stick to TDM.


    (this is why I barely play TDM, or SnD for that matter.. because a team could camp and win... in theory)


    I only have a personal experience in BLOPS on Array. We went up against a team of snipers who had CAMP as their clan tag.  They sat in strategic spots on one end of the map and they won because we could not get near them.  This could never happen in KC.

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    TDM is a campfest.  HCTDM is campfest to the EXTREME!!!  Seriously, go play it sometime. 


    RLBL has it 100% correct.  I exclusively play HCKC and the teams that camp, are the teams that loose.  Yes, they will typically end the game with more kills than deaths and that game I may go negative, but we will get the win and by a good amount as well. 


    I used to play every game mode in the CoD's, but now I am exclusive to KC because most games are fast paced and it adds another element to my gaming experience.