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    As toward your question about the Dragunov and RSASS that is because they are meant to be hgh skill head shot weapons for one shot kill. If they could get one shot kills to the chest just as easy as some of ther snipers with their lower recoil and faster firing rate they would dominate over all other snipers. Somoene with a fast enough trigger finger could even easily out shoot most other guns in the game as well.

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    We had the exact damage we are asking for for 3 months.  A massive majority of the forums felt that it was a fair ammount of damage to put out in cqc.  Not to mension the past 7 years of experience with 2 pellet kill shotguns sice cod 2.

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    I'm with you Brick. In my experience in MW3 shotguns are poo. When you are at such a range disadvantage, IMO if you manage to hit someone, they should die, full stop. Getting hitmarkers with the model at 5m is a cruel joke. Pretty much why I stopped using shotguns, unless I am bored silly.

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    When does the buff come for the M16,PM-9, MP5 and the Model 1887? They had announced it!

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    Got damage on the 1887 just today. It's so wierd, I'll get a longshot from 2 miles and then I'll take 3 shots to kill 1 guy. I tried it in Hardcore, but the automatics kill me before I kill them just as easily. It was hard ranking it up, but I kept playing aggressive and I made my goal. Now to get it gold... Do I get a medal for getting the 1887 as my first gold gun?

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    Like I said just because in past games the guns had that does not mean that all games will have to have that regardless if any players think it should. And regardless if it was that way in teh begining of this game because of a glitch does not mean they have to return it back to that way after they fixed the glitch. The game developer has the right to adjust the performance of the guns in any way they see fit. Even if means upsetting some of the players, and they do not have to set it back just because the players try to request it or make 1000's of posts saying its not fair. Ultimately the developers decide what is fair and not the players All the players do is express their personal view, which does not count toward what everyone else wants. No one person or group can ever claim to speak for any niche or group of the community that plays the game.


    In the end all the players can do is either adapt, continue to complain(which may lead to nothing) or find a new game and not buy from them again. Because really when push comes to shove as long as the game continues to make record breaking sales each year it comes out they do not have to care if they upset any group of players that much in how they changed the guns.

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    Locking due to repeated infractions by the OP.


    Edit: A secondary discussion may be created if wished by the participants of the thread.

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