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To all the 1337 players...

So last night I got my first taste of MW3SA from some idiot that thought I was wallhacking.


To all those using this program, learn how the f'n game works FIRST! Here's some 411 for you n00bs that think you know what's going on.


1) There is a device in this game called "Portable Radar". I use this device when I am sniping. If you are NOT using Assassin or Assassin Pro, and you come in range of this device, I WILL SEE YOU!!

     a) I will see you with my Portable Radar even if your counter UAV is up, because I use Assassin Pro.

     b) I will see you even if we are EMP'ed, because again, I use Assassin Pro.

     c) If you use Assassin or Assassin Pro but do not use a silenced weapon and fire it, I WILL SEE YOU (for a short time).

     d) As your "blip" moves towards me, around a corner, I will start prefiring my secondary weapon; because again, I SEE YOU!!


2) There is a perk in this game called "Marksman". I use this perk when I am sniping. If you are NOT using Assassin Pro I will see your stupid name above your head CLEAR ACROSS THE F'N MAP!!

     a) I will see your name through dense smoke... clear across the map.

     b) I will see your name when you think that little bush you are behind has you hidden.

     c) Once I see your name, it's only a slight movement of the mouse to figure out where your stupid head is and kill you.


3) There is a perk in this game called "Dead Silence". If you are running around without using it, chances are I WILL HEAR YOU!!

     a) If you are not using Dead Silence, and I hear someone walking/running around and my mini map does not show you as a friendly, I WILL START SHOOTING AT YOU!!

     b) Note that some people do use a perk that will counter the effects of Dead Silence and make your footsteps audible. This perk is called "Sitrep Pro".

     c) Sitrep Pro can be obtained from using a Strike Package called "Specialist".



Next time you get killed, look at your killcam and think to yourself, "Am I using or not using any of the items listed above? Is the person that killed me using any of the items above? If I don't know what he/she is using, is it possible that he/she might be using one of more of the items listed above?"

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    nice post, 100% correct, except when the player is aimming the enemy thru the wall even tho that enemy is using assassin pro.


    sound can only provide you the intel that some1's nearby, but not exact location.


    Then it become obvious.


    I was sniping the other day with assassin pro, marksman pro, and had specialist bonus activated, yet I was tracked down by some douchebag. The funny thing was that douchebag was the only player positive on their team with some 40-2 ratio, yea you tell me hows that legit.

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      Agreed. Yeah, sound will only give me a general idea of where the guy is, but if there is only one way in to the area I am at, I'm going to be looking in that direction.


      I get killed all the time from people using Assassin Pro and Stalker Pro as they walk right past my Bouncing Betty and shoot or knife me. Didn't see them coming because they had Assassin and didn't have time to react to the footsteps I heard along with the trip of the BB but no detonation. That's what make s this game fun is the not knowing what exactly is coming or what people are using that will counter what I am using.


      In the case you listed above... yeah... sounds like a wall hacker. I mean the only way I can tell is if I'm using Assassin Pro and a guy is following my movements while I'm behind a wall. Some idiots are pretty damn obvious, even sighting up as they follow you. LOL!

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    Bumping... because all the free players don't seem to understand how this game works... yet.

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    I don't play this game anymore because of your shitty attitude and play style...


    Life? I have one.

    You? You don't.

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    LOL I always get people screaming at me for hacking when using MARKSMAN. I use it on all classes, long range or run n gun. It really does light peoples names up across a map, through smoke, through trees and bushes and sometimes even through walls that have small cracks or windows in them.


    MARKSMAN is one of the most under appreciated perks in this game. I figured this out in January and wish i had noticed it when teh game dropped.


    That and I wish i knew how strong the MK14 was. If I had used that since launch Id be at least 1 full prestige ahead of where I am now.