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Todays Issue: The Case against the Camper...




First of let me start this thread with a clear statement "I am not hating on this gamestyle". Clear? Good.


The rationale behind waiting in a spot is to get minimum effort kills, sounds easy. And it is, nothing outside this game can be easier then to sit and wait. But that is not why I write this.


I still don't find the argument against it?


This might confuse you, and you might believe I camp, I dont. But I do not complain when I encounter those who do. After a few years of playing, you realize how to best handle the opportunistic camper and the very effective camper. You cannot avoid dying by them, you cannot period. 


The bottom line is this and I stand by his: Your gamestyle is the only true way to oust a camper! I personally would rather deal with a camper than a very good rusher, a good rusher is truly the ones you do not want to deal with, they will mow many down before they themselves fall, if they fall.


So again your game style needs to be counter productive to the camping game style, unfortunately I cannot explain it to you. You really have to learn as I mentioned "how to best deal with it". Trust me, simply calling someone a camper does not help! Do you think they don't know they were camping?


So to those who actively camp (you know who you are) tell everyone you do, and if you wish to put your style to the test let me know if TDM is your thing.

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