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Why do FMG9's make people so angry?


So I recently discovered the joy of the Akimbo FMG9's (accuracy has plummeted as a result!), they are so much fun to use and I really like the play style of sprinting round the map trying to run into people and being constantly on the move. However, a lot of other gamers seem to object in rather abusive terms to this. I've had a lot of 'fan mail' and in-game / loby rants directed at me. At the end of the day, MW3 is a game, and I play games for fun as I thought most people did. They've got some decent stopping power and are easily one of the better guns in the game (I outgun most encounters with SMGs & ARs at close to medium range), if they are there to be used, why wouldn't you use them? Nobody gets ranted at for using the other decent guns, ACR, MSR, MP7 (overpowered as it is). Have I missed something, why are these guns hated?

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    they are useless in HC, never see them on the off chance I do its a free kill most of the time.

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    Its hard to say what exactly about the akimbo FMG9s that gets people so angry. Maybe people get mad because they think of it as a skill-less weapon, similarly to how people hate noob tubes and spam shotguns. Personally I don't mind the akimbo fmg9s after they nerfed it. I don't see why it still gets so much hate.

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    All they supposedly nerfed was the "fire rate" of them, but the FMG9s still have the 'wall of death' as I caled it, that no matter what, kills you. If you use them and Steady Aim Pro, you're virtually un-beatable in close-medium quarters unless your reaction time is horrid. Yeah, I've used them before, y'know those times where you're like "I just feel like messing around", and you can definitely tell how powerful they really are compared to an actual gun. Eh, my 2 cents.

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    I shotgun and well, for machine pistols to overpower my (admittedly horrid) primary is very annoying, however I have gotten over it and now I just accept that in stride: I'm going to play my way, beat you regardless of what you are doing and rage because of my terrible weapons and not your skilless dbaggery.

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    I'm not really sure, they just make me sad. Maybe because the bad guys look so silly using them. I use them a lot on infected though, at that moment, well, I love them.

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    Wouldnt say they get anywhere near as much flack post-patch! MP-9 is far better anyway, i could use that bad boy as a primary!

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    Agree, the MP9 is an extremely good gun. I remember using it when no one else did really, I felt special. Those days are now gone.

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    MSR ACR and MP7 are all primaries that are between OU and OP depending on your stance  my personal stance is they that the mp7 and acr need a slight increase in recoil or damage drop off at range either or to make them on par with the other guns in their classes.


    The MSR I have no experience with so I cant comment on that.


    Now the reason for the fmg9 hate is because it is a secondary that beats every other weapon at close range 99.9% of the time especially shotguns which should be the Close range king imo but these things in the hand of a bad to half decent skill levelled player cover a lot of sins and if the player is skilled say a eulogy before facing them in close quarters because its basically a guaranteed death.


    Then we move into medium range I have landed 4 hitmarkers on an opponent about 20 feet away only to have him kill me with a spray from his fmg9s I have also been sprayed down numerous times at medium range with these akimbo death machines.


    They are a secondary a weapon that should be switched to when a primary is either out of action or you want to take out air support thats what a secondary is a back up for your main weapon when you either run out of ammo or have to reload or you can forgo that and use your secondary slot for an anti air weapon.


    the machine pistols really shouldnt be a secondary at all imo they are op in this game (as secondaries) and yes Im including them all in that I recently used a shotgun class with the skorpian as my secondary and when I unlocked them akimbo i put it on after 3 games I removed them because I had stopped using my shotgun my shotgun wasnt as good close and definitely not as good at range.


    The fmg9s are much worse than the skorpians and I refuse to use them because they are OP and are one of the cheapest ways to die in mw3


    However I will not send anyone hatemail for using them or trash them in the lobby unless they specifically start boasting at how good they are because they used an op weaon and won.


    Rant ended.


    TLDR:they are over powered and are really annoying to get killed with

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    im an fmg9 user people get mad and call me a noob but guess what their dead and lost to me. I went 43 and 5 on ground war domination just using fmg9. Embrace that you have skill to hip fire because fmg9 have somewhat high recoil plus your not ads. +1 for you. they only annoy ppl because u have an advantage of a faster fire rate and u there is no ads

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