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The Model 1887 Challenge!

     Hello Call of Duty fans! I have a challenge for you. A challenge for those who have a spare Prestige Token lying around and are looking for a challenge: Go a full Prestige using only the Model 1887.




     - Spare Prestige Token (To carry the Model 1887)


     - Patience



     The detailed rules are:


- You can use the 5 Default Classes UP TO level 4, but not past it.


- You cannot knife (Play on the "Tactical" layout


- Cannot use Lethal Killstreaks

     - Just use the Support Strike Package until level 20, and then use Specialist.


- You can use the Model 1887 with any Camo, Perk, Proficiency, Non-Lethal Tactical Equipment, and Throwing Knife is recommended, just throw it off at the beginning of every spawn if you are that paranoid.

     - You can shoot barrels/cars/enemy equipment (C4, Claymore) with your Model 1887 to get the kill.

          - In short, all of your kills have to be 'caused by' the Model 1887.


- If you accidentally get a kill by flashing someone, that's no big deal.


- If you don't want to use the Default Classes before level 5, here are some slow leveling up strategies:


     - Infected (Hide)


     - Drop Zone (Hold the DZ)


     - Dominaition (Capture Points)


     - Or just let your teammate kill themself and they drop a Model 1887 for you.


- I recommend you use a crappy secondary, like the G18 or Skorpion, so you don't end up accidentally getting a kill with it.


- You can use your secondary to destroy killstreaks. For example, I use the USP. 45 to destroy IMS's


     Are you man enough to take this challenge? If so, Good Luck!


If you have any questions, please ask