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Sitrep Pro needs a re-work.

Look, I've been playing COD for a long time now, before I owned a pair of headsets and after, went through broken ones etcetera, Dead Silence was always meant to be the perk you could use to differentiate yourself from non DS users, it used to take skill to play search and destroy with dead silence, you'd have to have team awareness and good ear for shots and anticipating where people might be going to, now with the sitrep pro BS you can hear dead silence from like half across the map, and they will just crouch walk to not get heard by and sneak on the dead silence users, by making sitrep pro hear DS loud it destroyed how search and destroy is played, all people run now is recon and sitrep pro, since nearly nobody will run dead silence, recon is gonna be even more OP because they stay painted for like a minute or w/e, my point is, why the hell did you make sitrep pro make dead silence so damn loud? either take that away or make it sound a bit faint not too damn loud to make the perk useless.


on 1 of my first matches after the sitrep pro update, I gave the enemy a lead 1-3 them winning, I put on sitrep pro and I single-handedly killed the whole team and won 4-3.


another match I dominated on Village with a 15-0 score on SND they could never kill me.


Another I went 13-1 and I didn't even move from my spot, they were all using dead silence and I kept hearing every single one of them.


My point is, it's too damn overpowered and needs to get patched to make dead silence more useful, it's taking the fun away of the game, it's punishing anyone without a decent headset and that's unfair, I own a pair of XP400 which sound amazing and I hear pretty much everything and the fact that I can abuse sitrep pro like this is unfair to everyone I play against.


Give other guys a fighting chance and make the game fun again.


If you want to fix anything fix Assasin, stupid that 1 perk makes you invisible to uav thermal portable radars, your name doesn't show up and pro version makes counter-uav and EMP not work on you [map and screen wise] that's too OP if you ask me.


This is open for discussion obviously, I'm just expressing my mind, and I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

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    no more lightweight

    no more unlimited sprinting

    shotguns nerfed to hell

    were more than eager to buff lmgs after they took 5 minutes to actually look at them

    made you either camp or crouchwalk everywhere in order to be sure you're not being soundwhored


    i really don't know why infinity ward seems to hate people that want to run and gun and seems to be trying to give the edge to people that want to camp

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    I completely disagree.


    FirstIy, let me say that I use the Astro mixamp with Sennheiser premium headphones and use Sitrep Pro to take advantage of that wherever possible, and I'm well experienced with all the sound levels in this game. Some of your facts are wrong.


    Right, the first thing is that Dead Silence counters the effect of Sitrep Pro. The effect of Sitrep Pro is to "hear LOUDER enemy footsteps". (This is in fact x2 louder, not x4 as in MW2) If Player A users DS, his footsteps are at x0.5 the volume to Player B who is using SP. So simple math states....


    2 multiplied by 0.5 = 1 (that is - footsteps are at normal volume as if you were both using....Marksman, for example)


    This cancellation of the two effects in this case mean that both players hear each other's footsteps at EXACTLY the same volume - therefore one is not overpowered over the other. If you are in a lobby against a SP user, use DS to negate his effect. If you are in a lobby with a DS user, use SP to negate his effect. What could be more balanced than that?


    Secondly - The standard footstep volume (which we've just established is what is happening in the above example) has much shorter range than in previous MW titles, so you cannot hear enemies who are using DS from "across the map" when using SP. That is just rubbish.


    As a SP user, I hate people using DS as it makes the reason I pick my 3rd tier perk completely null and void.


    With these facts - Marksman, Steady aim and Stalker are equal options with regard to "overall perk power" as is Dead Silence. So Sitrep Pro is definitley not OP.

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      You contradicted yourself in various statements, review what you said closely, as you said, being a sitrep user, you already are one-sided on the discussion, I'd like you to try to beat a team of 6 using sitrep and recon, you won't. doesn't matter how good you are, you simply won't be able to get anywhere near bombs without getting flashed or tagged, rushes gets stopped by sitrep and can pin point you with either headsets or recon, have fun planting the bomb.


      If you don't believe me, try it out.

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        I haven't contradicted myself. What I am saying makes perfect sense.


        I have tried out all perks and playstyles over years so I'm not biased or uneducated, and all the volume and sound levels I have checked in private matches using Waves PAZ Analyser, which I use in my profession. My findings are sound (pun intended - no excuse proffered) What you are actually complaining about is that there is no longer a third tier perk which has an advantage over absolutely everything with a certain playstyle, and with no counter.


        I'll make it easier for you to understand....


        Sitrep Pro effect = hear footsteps x2. Dead silence counters this x1 volume.


        Dead Silence effect = silent footsteps. Sitrep Pro counters this to x1 volume.


        If you cannot see that 1=1. Then you have bigger problems than worrying about a perk beng overpowered.

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          You clearly don't own Astros, for the sole fact that you claim you can't hear DS across map with sitrep, yet I've done it LOL.


          I rest my case, your argument is unbiased.

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          And for the record, I'm playing with a group of 6 half of them without headsets testing sitrep pro with and without headsets, you can clearly hear it nearly across map without headsets, if you had a decent headset you could clearly hear it but as I said, if you're a SP user you obviously want to keep using it, so to this discussion you're not bringing in such a positive insight, if you're gonna argue to why it's not OP use an actual argument that provides insight even though there really is none, because SP is too OP, the fact that you whine about DS on SND or any other game mode means you're not good enough to anticipate moves and just sit and camp, this game is favouring campers even more, all I ask is either make DS sound less loud for sitrep pro or just take away that effect for good, it ruins the game and people will eventually leave, if you played the game as much as I do you'd notice there's more sitrep pro users than any other, I see 3 to 1 ratio on sitrep pro to any other 3rd perk, and yet you tell me it's not OP, clearly people see it's OPness and uses it, like FMG9's and Type 95.

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            I have provided facts. You have provided your opinion.


            For your information the most commonly used third tier perks are: Stalker, Marksman, Steady Aim, Sitrep, Dead Silence. In that order. Go ahead and ask one of the devs. I already have. So much for your opinion.


            The fact that you, a person over the internet, can claim to make any judgement about me as a player, with regard to game modes I play, how much time I play the game etc is a laughable premise and one I find extremely funny! Amusingly, it reveals (or rather exposes) more about your intellect than anything you could gleam about me as a Call of Duty player.

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              I highly doubt marksman is the 2nd most used tier 3 perk, and also I would love to know which dev you had asked.  Also I am fairly sure sitrep pro makes sound 4x louder and not 2x.

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              You don't know any of the developers, you clearly don't know anything, Marksman is the least used, only reason people use it is because you don't unlock anything better till a few levels ahead and not everyone uses a token on a perk.


              Stalker > Steady Aim > Sitrep > DS > everything else.


              Get your facts straight before you claim my intellect is at fault scrub.

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              Also keep the discussion to the topic and don't ramble about stuff not related to why I started the topic on, if you're going to troll with useless junk about statistics and not give insight on Sitrep don't post, you already have shown your piece and rather not play professionally and abuse sitrep than play legit.

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                Haxoonie first off thank you for shutting that dtrain kidd up, and you are 100% on target with this topic i play SnD HC i normally rush i still do bad habbit to break, there is where the fun is in the game, element of surprise, action, holy **** he is in our spawn already moments, that makes the game hype and also makes for some awsome game ending kill cams, now a days all you see is dark cornor mcdugal in the kill cam and a bunch of red items shinning on his screen wait for his unsuspecting prey to come dashing valiantly in to defuse the bomb only to be done in because iW decided to give us LA gears instead Airforce Ones.

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                  Yeah that's precisely what made the game more fun and hyped, at least in SnD, the fact that someone could be in your spawn and you not knowing it, which would force you to play differently more cautious and skillful, now that's gone thanks to IW, anyone with sitrep can hear DS easily as if they didn't have it, and I've constantly tested it and SRP makes DS sound as loud as if you DIDN'T have DS on to begin with, and what pisses me off even more is that most SRP users I meet on SnD they all crouch walk because they want to soundW so much they don't wanna be heard themselves, so basically it's a game of minesweeper, you make but 1 bad move [a.k.a let yourself be heard just once] and BOOM you're getting shot at by like 4 different guys camping in a corner just waiting for you, that's not fair specially for a game mode like SnD, people even stopped planting bombs or even leaving spawn just so they can go in a corner and wait for people, and don't even get me started on the recon part, if you camp them back and they have Recon on top of SRP, there's nothing you can do.


                  I play with DeathFindsUsAl1 a lot and he uses Recon and SRP every now and then when he levels up guns like the FAD, I would say AT LEAST 80% of the time he gets 11+ kills per game not counting plants/defuses, even against people who use recon + SRP, why? because he knows how to abuse SRP, I admit he's pretty damn good but most of the work is done by SRP, and when we play teams full of SRP we both get stressed because we have to put 4 times as much effort as before to not let ourselves get heard even just once.


                  All I ask IW for is to just lower how loud DS is heard by using SRP.

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    i wouldnt say sitrep pro is op, becuase its extremly difficult to get, so most people don't even have it yet. Not to mention most people don't have headsets, so only a small amount of people are actually are using sitrep pro and have headsets.

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      Funny, every single match I join I see people with sitrep pro, and most of them have headsets, I mean I could be wrong and luck isn't on my side, but hey who can argue with over 1000 matches!

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      Sitrep pro is quite easy to get seeing as you only have to destroy 50 pieces of equipment.

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        ^ thought I mentioned that, my post didn't go through.  Takes about 10 games of SND [given I run into portable radars and claymore/c4s like crazy] or a couple of drop zone/ground war.




        I had no trouble getting it pro, only took me a few hours starting from 0.


        It's funny how people say it's not OP, yet I was on about a 30+ win streak yesterday in snd with a team using sitrep, but hey let's say it's not op and make SND the camping game mode! even though on planting side you're screwed vs sitrep pro users.

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      SRP difficult to get? Only takes a couple hours IF that or playing the right game mode. 50 devices are easier to get when your actually looking for them.  If anything honestly I had a harder time gaining SRP in MW2 compared to this time around. But like always, everybody is different so to each their own I suppose.

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    SitRep Pro is being used FAR more heavily now since the buff. I have played almost entire teams with headsets using it and yes they are practically static in their playstyle. The perks powers encourages sitting in silence and listening due to the huge audio advantage. This results in horribly boring matches where the only two real solutions are to crouch everywhere (f*ck off) or to leave (sensible).


    Think about the implications here - SitRep Pro is now a perk that is so powerful for users of headsets, it forces all of your enemies to crouch around the map. F*ck me that sounds like it should be a killstreak!.


    The problem is it has now become a crutch for many players and they will absolutley NOT want it toned down. IW have created yet another mechanism to enable cheap tactics that reduce the fun factor in the game. Use of SitRep Pro is not rife enough yet to be gamebreaking for me (I play mainly Core) but time will tell.

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      That's basically what happens to me now, I play with DeathFindsUsAl1 and Its Zion every now and then because playing even with a team of 3 is pointless in SnD, now it doesn't matter how good you are, it's how campy you can get with sitrep pro. -_-


      GJ IW, you screwed up yet another game.


      Take away Sitrep Pro's effect over dead silence or reduce how loud Dead Silence sounds vs Sitrep Pro.


      Make it fair you dumb idiots.

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    Sitrep pro promotes camping in search now, because sound is their best friend now.  They can sit in a corner and just wait on anyone to make their way to them.  Seeing as now you can even hear dead silence, which has never been like that on any call of duty nor should it be introduced to this one.

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      fallball08 wrote:

      Seeing as now you can even hear dead silence, which has never been like that on any call of duty nor should it be introduced to this one.

      See, I thought part of their rationale for this was because people were ******** about not being able to hear DS users with SRP like you could Ninja Pro users with SRP in MW2.  I ran Ninja about 99% of the time and only ever messed with SRP a bit just because I spent over 35 days on that game so why not...lol.  But because of my limited exposure I assumed what I was reading from people like Ghandi was true (dumb mistake by me, believing someone like Ghandi), you could hear Ninja Pro users in MW2 as loud as the other players when using SRP.  Just watched a comparison video on Youtube and that is absolutely not the case.  SRP does enable you to hear Ninja Pro users from about 10 feet away maybe a little quieter than you would hear a non-Ninja Pro user at the same distance.  You can actually hear a Ninja Pro user without SRP within about 5 feet of you but, let's be honest, within 5-10 feet, at normal to possibly below normal footstep volume, it's not going to help you much.  Then of course a SRP user can hear a non-Ninja Pro user coming from about 30 feet away and when you get within 15-20 feet it's extremely obvious exactly where you're coming from.  With this SRP "fix" in MW3 you hear DS users the same as non-DS users from the same distances, etc., etc.


      So basically, the remaining people at IW had no idea how SRP actually worked in MW2 and took someone's word for it and enabled a "fix" (which they hilariously ****** up initially) that makes SRP one of the most overpowered perks in the history of COD perhaps only behind something like OMA Pro in MW2.


      Oh and here's the Youtube video I watched to see the comparison in MW2, the first 2:50 or so is what matters.


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        What people never understood was the fact that you could always hear Ninja/Dead Silence and the ONLY game you couldn't of heard it on was Black Ops, I blasted my beaches so loud to test I thought my ears were bleeding at one point, you couldn't hear a beep at all, but on the other games if you were close enough you could hear the faint footsteps without using sitrep pro, how would faint footsteps end up being louder than a cherry bomb going off? it makes no sense, I thought sitrep pro [according to people] was supposed to multiply the sound by 2x not 42355x, I put on SRP and I can hear dead silence like 20+ feet away easily and that's with my XP400's volume at mid volume [comfortable enough to not go deaf by every single gunfire going on] pretty sure I can tell the difference of volumes with a 5.1 dolby surround headset better than some guy's normal x11's or x12's etc.


        Point is still the same, SRP is OP sound-wise and they really NEED to look into it and stop ignoring it, I've seen a heck lot of people online complaining about it and some others who even stopped playing MW3 altogether because of it.


        If they want to help the community they need to realize their idiocy first.

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    lol... trying to play a few games by myself tonight and just everyone using Sitrep Pro.  Get specialist or have dead silence on my class... doesn't matter.  People just sitting in corners can hear me from a half mile away.  Fantastic.  Another bang up fix by the IW team.

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    Before the patch, Dead Silence entirely outclassed SRP. Now its slightly in Sitreps favor.


    I cant see how it would be better in respawn modes, though.


    I'd rather get soundwhored by SRP users than everyone being completely silent.

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      Not entriely but it sure was preferred over most, it was more practical, no fall damage and silent, now it's all about headsets and corner camping, you don't even have to be smart to play the game anymore, just listen to where they're coming from, let sitrep do the work for you, it's dumb, at least they should make it to how loud it sounds and from how far you can hear dead silence.

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    Also I recommend anyone who continues to go in this topic to watch bicranium's video that he posted and YOU tell ME if I'm wrong when it comes to SRP and DS in MW3 sounding louder than it should be.


    Thanks to all who actually know what I've been talking about in the topic.


    And also thanks to the trolls without knowledge who help me prove my point like Dtrain.



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    You know, a camper is going to be waiting for you to come around the corner with or without SRP.  Im usually a rusher my self but I can sit and wait for you DS users without SRP and do just fine.  Or rush you SRP users and do just fine.  Dont be mad becuase the SRP players play with caution and you run around blindly.  Guess Im not one to talk, I dont use either perks, so I cant really say either way.  Stalker gets me by just fine tho.  Flashbangs are a nifty little device too especially with recon.

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      Eh, Sitrep pro is a gamebreaking perk which is why we were talking about it.


      I had already had my thoughts about the map and I agree they're crap, but hey it's IW, they've done nothing but make worse versions of COD4 ever since.


      I miss Ambush and Pipeline etc.

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    This thread now makes for very hilarious reading...


    Particularly the one where Haxoonie congratulates the people in his own thread like he's giving an Oscar acceptance speech! Haven't laughed so much all week...


    I'm sorry if my posts upset the OP, but the bottom line is Sitrep is ok. It's a powerful perk, but so is Stalker, so is Assassin and so is Sleight of Hand. If you think it's not ok, then it's tough **** I'm afraid, and most likely until the next CoD. It's already been changed and it's probably not going to be again. So it's a case of rough with smooth and just dealing with it.

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      So you hearing me louder while using DS than I can hear you is OK? Nope, I don't think so, refrain from posting on my thread if you don't have anything concrete to say.


      I've already stated your lack of gaming skills and lack of intelligence towards gameplay, Don't further embarass yourself.


      PS: Stalker was never op, it was UNDER powered, and so is Sleight of Hand, if anything SRP Recon and a certain selection of guns are OP in the game, using the latter makes bad kids like you look good.


      I agree with you on something, IW won't fix it because they're dumb lazy idiots, so I'm going to suck it up until BO2.


      PS: I was never congratulating anyone, I got congratulated for shutting your idiot ass up when you provided nothing but assumptions.


      Now again I say, off my thread.

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        Hey, OP. Doesn't the amount of idiocy on these forums suprise you? Sitrep Pro is broken as hell. I like to think of it this way-


        Dead Silence: Hey, you can move all you want and you won't be punished for it.


        Sitrep: Hey, you can hear everyone else moving and know where everyone else is as long as they are coming towards you, but you better not move or you'll be detected.


        Sitrep allows campers to hear everyone else, and other players can either use another 3rd perk and get soundwhored to ****, use dead silence as a waste of a 3rd perk slot which only dampens Sitreps effects while dead silence is completley nullified which leads to soundwhoring still, or use sitrep and camp in a corner and soundwhore EVERYONE. Which sounds better? And which option can work if you dont camp? Oh wait, none.

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          Kids these days!

          In my days, we moved as A TEAM, 6 terrorists vs 3 camper counter-terrorists, and overpowered the defenders, for then to defend the bomb.


          How do you lot manage to lose 6 vs 3 battles simply because someone knows you are coming?
          You know where you're going, and by now you SHOULD know EVERY corner on your way there and KNOW where the enemy COULD BE by the time you get there.

          Even worse:
          Why the heck do you not simply use one of the options for NOT making any sound what so ever; Crouching and walking or even use flashbangs to secure the bombsite before you plant and win the game because the campers won't risk their life to defuse the bomb???

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    I don't understand why it silences friendly footsteps. If it didn't silence friendly footsteps as much as it did then I think it would be less OPed.


    Personally I would have DS start reducing the distance that a person can be heard with SRP. Then DS pro reduces that distance even more. It would still be the same sounds you ear now, but with DS pro you would have to be very close to the person with SRP for the SRP person to hear you.

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    It may be different in SnD just because there is so little ambient noise but I don't see what all of the fuss is about.  I've seen the videos where it sounds like a heard of elephants but from my own experience you can't even hear the emeny footsteps until they are within 20 ft of you and then it's no where near as loud as people make it out to be.  Sure it may be really noticeable on a metal floor but I don't have any trouble hearing those guys without Sitrep.  I play mostly KC so killstreaks are evermore getting launched and I'm sure that affects my perception but from where I'm sitting it only gives you maybe a 0.5 to 1 second advantage on players without DS and probably (I haven't run into any DS players since unlocking it) a negligible difference on the DS users if they are only getting a 1x vs a 4x boost.  I do have a headset and I did adjust the volume settings to maximize footsteps.  Sure Sitrep helps a little but it's not the mobile portable radar that it's made out to be.  I still get more kills from seeing the enemy equipment than hearing them coming using it.  I would suggest that the DS users try out Sitrep pro for themselves and I'd bet that they will still prefer DS.

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      I got the complete opposite. It's not like I know where eery person is, but very few people can blind flank (where I don't at least know they are coming prior) me when I have SRP on. This is massive as cutting off flanking is one of the top strategic things you can do.


      I don't camp with SRP. I run around with an SMG and/or shotgun and it brings my game to a whole new level.

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    SitRep is quite powerful and I rely on it quite a bit, but I also see it in action a lot too. While it is powerful, it is indeed balanced and dtrain brings up some very good points. You, the DS user, are no more at a disadvantage than I am in with Sitrep. If anything, you could probably hear me better since you don't hear yourself. Dead Silence negates Sit rep, and Dead Silence is still very effective against non Sit rep users.


    You also realize you can crouch, right? Whenever I tangle with Sit rep groups, That's when I get the AA-12 out and crouch like a mad man. Come around a corner and POW! Right in his kisser.

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      Good point on crouching even though many here seem to think that it's a problem to have to crouch in an SnD match.  This probably goes back to my noobishness in the SnD world but for the few matches that I've played it.  I don't see many people running around all that much.  Most folks are camping or cautiously partroling an area to avoid getting shot from behind.  I just don't see it as being all that much of a game changer.