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Is token glitch still around


Gent bragging about having 6 days of Double xp.  Said he did token gltich

and I checked his Elite and sure enough he does.   Reported to enforcers

via twitter.


But I thought they fixed that.

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    I believe it's been patched so it can no longer be done although I can't say for certain, what I can say for certain though is that despite several different people (IW, 402 to name just 2) promising that the glitchers would be banned and reset sadly there are still people out there with a silly amount of double xp and everything unlocked. The conclusion I have come to is that the promise will only ever be honoured and kept if it is highlighted and publicised. For example check out the thread below and you will see that I had to report the same people numerous times to numerous people AND I had to make a forum thread about it before anything at all was done.



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      i think its patched but i still know 3-4 people negative tokens. i think they must of given up chasing em

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        Definitely seems to me like they straight-up don't care anymore. I've been reporting the same glitcher every day or two for the last few weeks using a variety of methods and contacts and nothing has been done. The guy has 42 days of DXP, was prestige 11 when I first started reporting him and is now about to turn prestige 20. I've pretty much given up playing the game because I don't get any satisfaction leveling and earning stats when it's all rendered meaningless by the massive amount of cheaters out there.