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Tired of Lag? Being Behind? - Fix it now. *Answer To Your Problem*


Ok, this is going to sound nuts, so to first explain, i live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My internet connection is 25/3 Ping is under 50ms anywhere in north america. I have felt the challenges and frustration of this game since a week after release. I spent many hours into testing the packet sent/recieve and so on and so forth. To bring back up the issue of packet loss on return packets, i found that 40% of packets returned were consistantly dropped, wireless they dropped to about 20% during game play.


Now the last few months i have been more of a joker on the forums, when others explained there frustrating issues i made jokes like Maybe it is the country or state you live in, your router, your isp, i would make comments if you move to another country and get a new isp this may solve your problem.


Funny? Well i suppose it may or may not be, it certainly feels though where you live is dependant on how well you do in the game connection and match making wise.


So today yet again, ignorant as always, i go to play a few games, of course same routine, lag lag lag, instant kills, the entire team negative except for 1 person, the other team raping us and unkillable regardless of weapon choice, of course as generally while i "hope" they fix it, dashboard and move on.


This time when i dashboard something hit me, my Xbox Local Settings and Time Zone are as they should be, Canada, GMT -7, i thought how interesting.


I first changed my local to hong kong and equally my time zone. I played a few more games and it was smooth, i played 4 games all positive, it was actually FUN, i literally watch people walk in front of me, around the corner, followed them around until i felt the need to kill them, killstreaks in seconds naturally, but i still found the kills against me were still a bit "Wtf", keep in mind i found 5 - 10 games under 50ms. Even still with the WTF moments hit markers and aiming was dead on.



So i figured, what if i change it to USA and lets say Atlanta, heh i played another 5 -6 games, each match positive, it was fun, hit markers dead on, each change of weapon you could feel the difference, usually they all feel the same, they shooted the same, they performed the same, did not really matter as i was dead regardless of what i did or play style i choose.



So to end this, for those of you affected by this interesting Lag Comp, Match Making which 'technically' we are told is using IP2C ( ip to country ) to create match making, it appears to use the local data and time zone from the console, i have played how many games? And i am having the time of my life since 1 week after release.



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    With the way the compensation lag has been going the past few days, I'll try anything.

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    Most people will only stop crying about there game breaking terrible lag lol the day they log on and have a beastly game.

    They think if an enemy sees you first or has faster reflex with faster aim then they're getting the bad end of lag lol


    My mate came to my house last night he's the same he got outgunned to me but he was like wtf the lag this and lag that lol


    It's a good excuse for most and if most people actually get the so called game breaking lag then why they still playing.

    If I played a game and really thought I was 1-2 seconds behind and did sh1t would I keep playing lol no i would of sold it ages ago

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      The lag issue doesn't have to be demonstrated, it's a fact. Maybe you are blind or something like that, certainly you don't experience this crap, lucky dude. When you aim first, red dot on the face of your opponent, you shoot half a clip on his face and by miracle he kills you with one bullet, how do you name that ? Plus when you have 25d/2u, plus port forwards, check all stuff to improve your connection, and you experience this issue only with this game, how do you name that ?

      You can see all video on youtube, and if you don't see any problems, i give you my glasses...

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    Tried it. No such luck.

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    hhmm interesting

    i live in uk and have had about maybe 10 games out of the 800+ hrs ive played that lagged

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    Thanks for the tip! Here are some things that I did to decrease my in game lag drastically.


    1. Run your console in DMZ
    2. Set your Port Fowarding to forward ports for MW3
    3. Change your MTU setting to one thats better suitted for your connection
    4. Disable Media Services on your console
    5. Wired connection


    Out of those 5 things number 3 seemed to help me the most. Within your network connection settings there is something called MTU which is default set at 1500. Im not a wiz at this stuff but from what I gather the MTU is somewhat like ping and with it set at 1500 this is allowing all of the ping packets to be delivered and recieved while playing online games. The thing is, the games dont require that high of a number but everyones ideal MTU number is different. I googled ways to find my ideal MTU number and after following a simple tutorial I found my MTU to be 1471. Since my ideal MTU is 1471, any ping packets that were sent or recieved between 1471 and 1500 were fragmented and its that fragmenting of packets that caused lag. Im sorry if this isnt explained very well but like I said Im not that knowledgeable about it and I really dont even know what it means, all I know is that 1500 as a default MTU is fine but not great. Finding your ideal MTU number will reduce the amount of fragmented packets that are sent and recieved by your console and in turn reduce your lag a conciderable amount.