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a few questions abut clan challanges

how do the clan challenges work for mw?

how many players can be involved in the challenges?

and will the xp differ depending on what challenge it is?

finally when do the clan challenges start rolling out for us?

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    Well the only clan challenge we have been party to so far was an accolades one. Where anyone in your clan help toward the target. It was for your clan to get the most headshots accolade. If together you all got 10+ you got the full 300xp. Expect the number of accolades needed to get higher, and the challenge last 23hours and 59 min

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      i could not find that one all i saw was a section for clan challenges which was empty and has been empty for a wekk now i do hope that me and my clan will be able to do them soon as im only rank 7 and most of the time we cant do some of the clan ops because they are at 2AM in the morning in the uk and we just got 2 of us at the moment so when they come this will be awsome.