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If you are hardwired with an open NAT does your modem matter??


I am just curious if you are hardwired and your NAT is open does it matter what type of modem you have?  I know some of them like Netgear etc. are supposed to be much better but that seems to me like it would only help wireless since an open NAT means the modem is not restricting data flow anyway and obviously if you are hardwired the signal strength is also meaningless.


Oh and I am pretty much a computer dumbass so I only know what I do know from reading the forum and other places online. 

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    no, i don't believe it matters... i rent my modem from the cable company, i have a linksys E3000 wireless n router, but i too am hardwired because i want the best speed i can get out of my internet when i am playing games... i think all that matters in this case is how good your internet is.

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    Anytime you're hardwired you connection by default will be better. If that's what your asking

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    To answer your question directly, the answer is no.


    If all you ports are open (e.g. you have uPNP enabled or you have manually opened your ports), changing your router will do nothing as long as the router is at least capable of supplying the bandwidth that you are paying for (but even older G routers do 54MB on the LAN ports).


    If you were wireless, that is a different story...


    Some companies sell "Gaming Routers" but for the most part, they are just equipped with features automatically turned on that most newer routers already have (e.g. They are selling ice to Eskimos)


    If your router can:

    - Enable uPnP;

    - has 10/100 ports (lol they all do, having a Gb port is OVERKILL as you do not even get that much bandwidth from your ISP)*;

    - Has QoS capabilities (and even this is not required unless you are doing other things on your network);


    Then changing your router will get you no better results.  Because of the MW3 connection issues, people are spending a lot of time reconfiguring their networks. I am not saying that doing so will or will not improvie your gaming experience, however why do we have to be doing this when the older games (MW2 and below) run just fine (BO was not great at times, but was better than MW3). It is matchmaking. Not your router, not your ISP, not your wife surfing porn while you are trying to get a MOAB...


    It is matchmaking.



    * having faster ports can be useful if transfering stuff over your home LAN... but once it goes on the WAN you are limited to the slowest (or really better stated, smallest) pipe. Here, if you pay for 30Mb from you ISP, why do you need a GB port to your PS3???


    Some people need a source; here s a simple read that backs up what a lot of people are saying:


    http://www.extremetech.com/computing/83298-how-to-configure-your-router-for-gami ng/

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    Good question if you see me post I am just about to get a gaming router for my birthday ... grrrr is it really gonna make the game any better for ppl with very high internet speeds?

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      simple answer:


      You are always limited by the smallest pipe in the network. If you have a 100MB/s connection to your ISP, great!  But if you are trying to connect to someone would has a 5MB connection, your connection between you is going to be delimited by the smallest pipe* (e.g. 5MB of bandwidth... not I am not even touching ping/latency etc...)


      If you pay for more Bandwidth than a non-gaming router supplies (e.g. more than 100MB/s): you will (at times) be able to maximize your throughput.  But remember that a non-gaming router has 10/100 ports... 1GB ports are extreme overkill.


      (*ever notice how you can do a ping test and it shows you have a 20MB d/2Mb u connection, but when you download a file it comes in at 250kb/s?)

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        Good stuff rl.....thanks..


        Thats exactly what I thought.  It is funny though if you do a speed test and it comes back slower then it is supposed to and call your ISP they run a speed test from their end.  If it comes back too slow for them the first thing they do is send you a new modem.  They usually make you do the test hardwired also which makes it seem funny that the modem is the first thing they swap out.


        I get it if your wireless then the modem can be a huge deal but I rarely play wireless as its just not as good for me.  Sometimes when the wife is at work I have to play wireless while my kiddos are asleep and it really sucks.


        @rl....lmao at the wife porn thing....got me thinkin for a sec....haaa...


        @snipingdbag....good stuff too man and I have messed with that  a bunch..  It seems like the game runs better for me if I am  host then if my NAT is moderate honestly. 


        I have never played in a 50 ping lobby and 75's are very rare  and am starting to think that I have had a rare few games where everything is as its supposed to be.  100 ping lobbies are where I usualy find a match.  I watch these youtube "beast" vids on here and guys die in literally half of the shots that it takes me to kill people. 


        I do live in Colorado though so I am guessing that is why...... i guess ill take my 100 ping lobbies in trade for being a few minutes away from hunting and fishing in the mountains....