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Bad habits in your way to play CoD ?

Do you have bad habits in your way to play CoD, you cannot get rid off, and which cause you to be shot most of time ?


I have three "big" bad habits and I would like to know yours


1. When I see an ennemi far away, which seems definitively to be a sniper, I always says myself : maybe he has not seen me yet, I still have time to aim and to shot him.. and I am shot immediately


2. When I see an ennemi coming about my direction but behind something or through a window or a door (I've just seen a pixel of his head or one of his toe ) I always says myself : he has not seen me, I have the advantage.. and 99% of time he had seen me .. and shot me because I did not watch out carrefully for him


3. When I am surprised by an ennemi and have to engage close combat, I did not manage to shot without aiming, even if the guy takes all the screen (neurone connection problem on my side I guess), so I press left trigger to aim, and then press right trigger to shot but usually it's too late, the ennemi has just shot me directly (or knifed me) and I'am dead. I am so used to aim then to shot that I do not manage to shot directly. Any idea of exercices to help me ?


I do not speak about panic knifing .. it's too common


What are yours ?

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    I'll still forgeting that the semtex will stick to the plant under the stairs on bootleg and die to it at least once a round.

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      2 things: First is playing the objective! Always gets me killed trying to plant or cap the flag. Second and this really ends up cost me alot of deaths, Chronic Reloading. As soon as I get someone down, reload, last stand/second chance gets me alot as well as anyone else coming from the same spot. I have tried hard to kick the habit but it is so bad, last night I was playing with extended mags on my pp90m1, took someone down and ran around a corner while reloading after firing only 1/4 of the clip! I got shot again!

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    i keep forgetting it takes me 6-8 hit markers to get a kill so sometimes i take my finger off the trigger and i die by getting hit 2-4 times

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    1.Reloading everytime i kill someone,even when i have a full clip.


    2.When the same player kills me 2/3 times in a row in a certain area of a map,i seem to get tunnel vision and make it my mission for the rest of the game to get some sort of redemption by going to the same area over and over again.I've been killed multiple times by other players when trying to get their,and probably ran past quite a few easy kills along the way.


    3.In village,beside where flag A is on domination,i always try to get up that ledge that you can't get up.I know i cant get up it yet continue to try near enough every time,which normally results in a kill for the enemy while i fanny about jumping up and down.

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    Hip firing when i have the advantage...always gets me killed.

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    I also suffer from obsessive compulsive reloading - this all started because in Black Ops it seemed to take a whole magazine to put someone down.  Now I kill - reload - kill - reload.  Many times I get taken out while reloading when I didn't really need to.

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    I forgot to mention when I created the thread but obsessive reloading could be my point 4. I also suffer from it a lot, even if I am working hard to fix that. It takes time but I am seeing some progress now (more kills, less deaths)

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    1)I reload every fuckin time even if i shot only 2 bullets

    2) When i see a whole group of enemies i panic and try to shoot them all at once which ususally results in me killing nobody or just one guy

    3) when i switch to play mw2 for a little while and then back to mw3 i try to commando people which results in me fail knifing and getting shot :p

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    1) Reloading when i don't even need to, as soon as i kill, i reload even when i can see another enemy coming.


    2) When two enemies are coming at me, I panic and don't know who to shoot at, so I'm always switching between targets.


    3) Panic shooting when in close combat instead of knifing, I usually get knifed, but i have my controller set to tactical, so i don't really knife people because i can't react quick enough.


    4) I like to run into the enemy, because i hate just waiting and camping, I die alot doing this, i need to just sit back and relax instead of rush rush rush, just take my time, watch for corners, and take things slower. But habits are hard to break.

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    Reloading every time im done shooting.


    Running around the corner and an enemy player is like 5 meters away. Always try and knife even though it`s a hopeless distance.

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    Reload after every kill, and forget that even after the guy puts the clip in the gun I still have to wait for his dumbass to load the first bullet into the chamber. I usually push sprint too soon and have to go through the whole process again

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    Forgetting the Semtx isn't timed from a trigger like a frag ...

    So I cook it for 3 seconds them throw it.

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    NOT reloading when I should. The team I usually play with does a lot of HC matches, so you don't get the little magic HUD all the time... and I don't have the real weapon in my hands, so I don't have a clip with a cut out that I can check for rounds left - open side magazines in some cases are great things.


    So I end up auto-reloading at the WORST moment... bang! Dead.


    Or suddenly realize that I'm OUT OF AMMO!!!


    That's when I go on a knifing spree hoping someone will kill me so I can spawn and have bullets.


    Lesson on those two - have a class set up with scavenger that can load fast.

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    When I know where an enemy is, I crouch to be silent. It takes me forever to get to them since I can't sprint.

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    I have a lot of the same problems but I figured out that with secondary weapons in the middle of reloading you can start to sprint and somehow it automatically finishes to reload you don't have to wait for the action to be completely done with the reloading action you can speak in shooting or sprinting and the reload done

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    Two biggest habits for me are;


    -Reloading after every kill

    -Always having to hit the aim button before shooting instead of just hip firing.


    Both of these lead to quite a few deaths per game for me.


    Another "issue" for me is throwing C4 through a window. Usually I'll miss and it'll land on the outside of the window instead of going through it. Instead of just leaving it and detonating it later, I'll sit there for about 4-5 seconds trying to figure out how to get my C4 back and then throw it through the window again. Yes, I always get shot during that 4-5 second period. I don't know why I do it. I just do it

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    I think my bad habbit is more internal, i usually play against clans and parties, in a random team.. alot of the time they will talk crap about me, and my bad habbit is then I will feel the need to put on my try hard pants, and make sure I come out of the match with a nice kd..


    a couple things happen when this happens


    i forget to have fun.. im too busy trying to prove a point


    secondly, ill miss playing the objective, at pivital times.. if i chase the enemy with our flag, ill let him just go and hope someone on my team will get him in fear that ill get shot and die, especially if im in a nice killstreak...


    you shouldnt play like that.. but it happens to me

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    My most chronic bad habit as so many have mentioned is reloading. I go through phases. I reload far too much, like every kill. I slowly break myself of that habit, mostly by not running SoH until later in my specialist bonus which forces me to pick better times to reload. I go through a phase where reloading doesn't get me killed a done, I don't always pick the best times, but it was better. Then I go through the phase of getting into 3v1 gunfights with half of a clip.


    The other issue I've always had is sound whoring teammates. I glance at the mini map from time to time, but for the most part I use my eyes and ears to tell me where the enemy is. I recently got Triton AX Pros, which were a huge upgrade over my TB P11s. SitRep Pro has been a huge boost in figuring out enemy locations. Problem is I find myself laying in wait for someone to come around a corner or something, only to have it be a teammate, and I turn around and I'm over run by enemies.

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    1. Playing Core like it's HC and not pumping enough bullets into someone, only to get shot in the butt while moving away.


    2. Having phone calls or texting in-game


    3. Eating in-game


    4. Asking my XBL party mates to do sexual things to me, forgetting that we're actually in game chat, not party chat.

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    1. reloading too much

    2. I play a lot of KC and when I play other objectives I forget I don't need to run forward to collect the tags and end up getting myself killed because of it.

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      1.Grenade fails!!
      I always do this, throw a flash, and somehow hit a limb or sign post, or corner of a door, and grenade bunces back at me, and I flash myself, now if I had TRIED to hit that limb or whatever,  I never could, the other day I was on resistance outside the house on the side with the patio and umbrellas, i tried to throw a semtex and it stuck to umbrella above me and blew up and killed me...LOL
      2. I use the tactical setup on my controller, and sometimes when i go prone or crouch to shoot, I subconciously push the right stick again while pushin the trigger buttom and end up standing up right in front of enemy, and getting shot easily....gotta break myself of that one!!
      3. I play almost exclusively Kill Confirmed, and those daggone tags are like crack to me, I kill someone and just have to run out in the open and grab that damn tag!!  gets me killed ALOT!!

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      LOL I'm ever more running over dead bodies in other gamemodes because I play so much KC that it's become a reflex reaction.  I have to remind myself, especially in TDM to not run out for the tag.

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    1. Accidently pressing the stab button when an opponent appears, it must look pretty stupid seeing someone slash at an opponent thats distance away.


    2.  Accidently blowing myself up with the SMAW. I'm aiming from behind cover at an opponent (usually a sniper) and duck back into cover too quickly.


    3. Falling into the water on Oasis by the stairs just before you get the tower next to B flag.


    4. Flashbanging myself (oo-er!).


    5. Innappropriate reloads.


    6. Forgetting that i've got a stealth bomber and using it just as the game ends.


    All these happen far too many times that I have to question my intelligence.

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    Running like a headless Chicken into trouble

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    I always bring a gun to a knife fight and obviously lose.


    Plus, I'm an obsessive, compulsive re-loarder. Terrible affliction.

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    Forgetting that I usually have hardline instead of quickdraw. I have C4 on most of my classes and that usually gets me killed because i don't have time to go back to my gun.


    Reloading right after killing someone. I'm getting better at it since I put extended mags in one of my classes. I keep forgetting that where there's one, there's usually one or two more coming around the corner.

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    Panic knifing costs me lots of kills,as i watch the killcam and do not see me exchange fire,but do see my right hand swiping the knife out.

    Also forgettin to use my streaks,and then i earn that same streak again and lose one of them.

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    1. Reloading. Now it is better compared to before. I learned not to reload every single kill, even if sometimes i still wrong the right time to reload.


    2. Sometimes i forget to don't run immedietly after dying


    3. i forget to aim  before i turn a corner, sometimes i run when it is better to walk and aim.


    4. i forget that the semtex sticks on everything.

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    I see alot of guys with the reloading problem ...I am one of those guys myself..even with extended mag...Also I have a problem with knifing...my first reaction is to shoot...even if a guy is right in my face...thats mostly due to the fact that i use my R3 too hard..I found myself accidently knifing when im trying to aim..so I switched to the tactical setting so i would just drop shot instead...Now I stopped having that problem so I changed the buttons back to default..But i can't get used to it...I'm so used to not knifing that I dont ever think to use it at all...might just go back to drop shotting...

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    I reload at the worst times. Chronic Reload syndrome.

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    i tend to pick my nose...

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    I have a horrible habit of getting shot around a building.

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    mines is not about reloading... cus i run with extended mags in all my guns i dont care what gun it is & if i reload & i see someone i just sprint & shoot ..


    my bad habit is scratching my head while someone is right in front of me lmaoo it gets me so mad !!

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    3 things here (i play hardcore only so you know) #1-shoot enemy certain amount of bullets(4shots with ump45 for instance) reloading while turning away from enemy..then get killed because last stand. #2-constantly switching my controls from tactical to default so when i think my R3 is knife its crouch instead...ends up giving me a good few deaths #3-shooting every little head/body/shoe/gun barrel i see in the distance & end up killing myself (hardcore ric.).

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    Playing hardcore 99.9% of the time,  scraching my azz,  re-racking my balls, LOL

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    Also reload too frequently, like a lot of other posters. Same for chasing tags in KC.


    Another one I haven't seen mentioned is relying too much on portable radar/UAV and getting careless. You'd think that running Assassin Pro on all my classes would remind me how easy it is to sneak past those...

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    I'm glad to see I am not the only sufferer of "Obesessive Compulsive Reloading Syndrome" - for me "Sleight of Hand" is NOT an option.