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After playing all the COD multiplayer releases  I have come to realise there are two types of  player :


  1. The lone wolf who only cares about kill ratio and upgrading weapons
  2. The team player who likes to play to win whatever game mode with friends, ranking up weapons naturally whatever the K/D ratio.


I believe more winning incentives could change the way people play COD together online, making it more enjoyable than frustrating, bringing more people together to play as a team.

The aim of the game is to win and win again, I realise you get extra XP for winning a game but how about extra rewards or XP for incremental win streaks. For instance extra XP for every 10 wins and so forth, even the possibility to unlock extra weapons, team player emblems and titles to show your a team player looking to reach win streak rewards.


I myself play drop zone on MW3 great mode but have switched back to Black Ops as the quick scopers are driving me crazy.

Add more team based win rewards, drop zone and leave QS out of BO2 and its destine to be the best COD yet.