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Clan Abuse Suggestion on members taking advantage of accomplishments not even earned


Hi to all Clan Leaders-COD Elite Admin- Infinity Ward- Beachhead:


I am just reaching out to all in regards to certain players just wanting to join clans in order to receive badges and titles and leaving. I am sure alot of you Clan Leaders have experienced this and are having a hard time recruiting members whom are actually interested in providing support as a honest member. So let me cut to the chase: wouldnt it be great that Elite or whomever is responsible to have some sort of system where you can report these gamertags or have a system where clan leaders can look at potential candidates to their clan and see if they have been previously reported for abusing of a clans accomplishments without really participating. Some sort of list database that leaders can upload gamertags of non-compliant members. Or maybe even add an area where you can see how many clan ops they have participated in or lone wolf op ( would help with recruitment decisions). I think that as a friendly a mature communtity we should have some type of Clan Leader system where they get together and discuss experiences and issues. finally, if reported for taking advantage of the things mentioned above, there should be a way of stripping those people from our hard earned emblems and titles in which they did not partake in.


Thanks for listening,


Wreckless Gaming Lietenant General-Co-Founder.

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