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The Long Journey Ahead.


Since Mw3 Wii Turned out to be a huge flop. When the WiiU does come out and if cod out for it. Do you think some of the top clans will be taking over?

Do you think some of the same hacker clans will be getting wrecked. Do you plan on using the gamepad or pro controller or maybe still rocking the wii-mote if it is supported. Will it be a bigh change? From SD to HD campers can blend way better and are harder to spot and will people still be running and gunning or will it turn out like ps3/360 community with everyone camping?

So many questions lol

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    I hope we see the option of the Wii remote and GamePad, with the GamePad like the ccp was in Black Ops and the Wiimote like it was in MW3. And I guess they might as well add in Pro Controller support as well. I don't expect the GamePad to heavily feature in BO2.

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    I think the screen on the gamepad would make a great full map radar. You could use it to call in airstrikes (or whatever the BO2 version is) anywhere you want by the touch of a finger.

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    I am prepared for the long journey ahead.


    I was never a zelda fan. I played the original zelda, zelda a link to the past and majora's mask(i never finished any of them...majora's mask i wanted to finish, but the game freaks me out...BEN!!!). I never really got into the zelda craze. Seeing as I had $100 to spare, i got Twilight Princess and Skyward sword yesterday(the $29.99 i have left, i'll probably spend it on wii points for the map packs... ). After reading a confusing timeline online(wtf??), i decided to play twilight princess first, simply because SS looks too cartoony. Well, so far so good......and if what i read is true, then i have 100+ hours of gameplay to keep me busy until november...

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    In my opinion I honestly think that the hacking clans will be getting wrecked especially those script kiddies. The top legit clans may be controlling a lot of the games on the WiiU but im sure we'll see some hackers but not too many. It wont be a big change and the campers may change their way of gaming because 99%of the wii community rushes a lot but then again its only 60,000 at the most but im hoping it will be worth my money. Im gettin the wiiU on release day and hopefully black ops 2 on release date as well and I'll put up what i think of both the console and the game.

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    Im looking forward to the new ccp ish controller they have for it

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    I'm looking forward to the Wii U and Black Ops 2 - Wii U for the new controller and hardware, Black Ops 2 for the new things that Treyarch will put in.


    On a side note: Screw the next IW CoD that's coming after BO2. IW is a total train wreck now.