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What is your best weapon?

When i first bought the game, the ACR was my best.

Now i use the G36C with/without silencer + red dot.

At first i found the gun to be horrible cuz of the recoil, and iron sights and died alot with it.

But once i started burst firing, this gun did work.

Long and short range this gun pulls through for me.


When i would use other guns and start gettin out gunned. (2-5 or 2-6 pretty much)

For some reason once i switch to the G36C i go on a killstreak LIKE WHAAAAA????!!!

Finish 20-8 TDM (seriously i only die 2-4 times with this gun lol)

This gun does finishes the job.

(1/10 times i fail with it ocassionally )