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3 Videos

     Hello Call of Duty! I have 3 videos to show you!


     2 of them are about possible hacks, and the other one is about someone spawning in front of me.


     I'm not going to name and shame, so you will just have to watch the videos to find out.










I just wanted to let you all, the COD community, know about this stuff. I don't want MW3 to turn out like every other Call of Duty did, full of hackers. (The last video was just to demonstrate the bugs of the new spawn system)

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    I can confirm the first video, I have seen that before.  I had to watch the match again in theater to make sure I wasn't just seeing things.  Some guy killed me with akimbo, suppressed FMG9's; I don't believe the people who say there are "no hacks on ps3".  They're just wrong. Plain wrong.


    Just to clarify, what exactly happened in the second video?

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    the first one i think its a glitch.

    the 2nd one (.44 magnum akimbo supressed) should be a glitch aswell.

    i mean what hacker would a silenced pistol?

    i think he would use a laser that shoots guns that shoot unicorns that shoot napalm out of their mouths.

    the last one is just another day at the office

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    1.  Nothing wrong with akimbo FMG's.  They were not silenced as the first responder questioned.


    2.  I'm not even sure what I'm looking at here, some guy spinning on top of the well in the back.  You cap him, then you get capped from behind by some guy shooting from the stairs near the tower.


    3.  Yesterday I had enemies spawning in front of me left and right.  This game really needs a fix, but the devs could care less because they are trying to get BOPS2 complete.

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      2. The guy was hacking... He had a .44 Magnum Supressed, and when he shot it, a silenced shot appeared behind me. That's why I showed the 3rd person footage...