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    GU waiting to go when I am on vacation from work the first week of August.



    Rogue I like Parker too, she is cool but dorky, lol. The whole show is fun.

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    @Rogue and Iron Well you should set your expectations high because it is well worth it lol

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    Yeah going to see Spidey that same week. Looking forward to both.

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    I still haven't seen Spidey yet. I've heard that it was better than the original and I've heard that it wasn't so I don't really know what to expect.

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    Some of the people who work for me have told me that they thought it was better and I think Rogue says it was better as well.

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    Yeah, I really liked The Amazing Spider-Man.  Liked it more than the Raimi ones, but I wouldn't go in trying to compare them.  If you just go in with an open mind about it, it should be a fun and enjoyable movie, I think.


    So, I disappeared for a few days, since I couldn't tear myself away from Xenoblade Chronicles.  I just finished it today, after almost 70 hours, and it was awesome.  Best game I've played besides Chrono Cross, and it's not coincidentally made by Monolith Soft, which was founded by a bunch of people who made Chrono Cross.  Anyone here with a Wii should try it out, since it's the perfect example of what an RPG, or any game in general, can be today.  Amazing story with a group of really likeable characters, a great battle system that's different from most RPGs, and awesome music.  Anyways, I'll stop rambling about it before I've typed a couple of pages about how awesome it is.


    But I saw The Dark Knight Rises yesterday, and it was great!  Don't wanna spoil anything for anyone, but it was a great way to finish the trilogy, and it totally lives up to The Dark Knight.

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    Hey Guys hope all is well in your worlds.



    So need to get to the comic store and pick up some comics since I am behind. Reading IM, of course, the three main Avengers titles, Thor and finishing up the speical Av. Vs. X-Men.

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    Wow, you're reading a whole lot more than I am!  I'm only reading Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men Legacy right now (Spidey and Rogue, of course!).  I'm thinking I'm gonna start reading Avengers once Hickman starts his run, though.

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    I saw The Dark Knight Rises this weekend and while it wasn't quite as good as The Dark Knight, it was still pretty epic. I also finished the first Devil May Cry game yesterday and it was pretty good. Now I'm going to start up DMC2, though I haven't heard a lot of great things about it.

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    Yeah, I thought it was pretty great.  I'm not totally sure which was better, actually.  I'm thinking I'll wait until I've got Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray, and watch it another couple of times before I try to decide which was better.  It was pretty awesome, though.