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More pack-a-punch options for black ops 2?

I have been wondering this since I started playing zombies over a year ago, I've discussed it with my friends and I think it would add more levels of fun to the game. Can we have an option to pack-a-punch a weapon twice? Maybe for 10,000 points the second time?

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    It would be a cool addition to the game if we upgrade our weapons even further. In later rounds a simple PaP gun doesn't really do the job. Hell, the PaP ray gun in later rounds takes quite a lot to kill one zombie. I think they should either make it where you can upgrade them again, or at the very least be able to re-PaP your weapon for full ammo. What I mean by that is after Ascension and COTD there are no round bosses so being able to pay the PaP to refill your ammo would be nice. You can already buy more ammo but only for wall weapons, it would be cool if you could at least do this to refill random box weapons.


    also like many other people have mentioned, they should add more attachments. in BO we just had shotgun attachment and grenade launcher

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      I think they just need to spice it up a bit, not repeating but adding more feauture or options to the PAP. Like When you PAP a weapon it's always the same thing, I think it would be cool if they made it to where you have choices on which PAP version of the weapon you want, sort of like building your weapon class based on the options or like for instance. Mass effect 3 where you have a skill tree and you ahve to pick which one you skills you want. Like for a assault rifle one version could be incidenary rounds, and a bayonet for quicker melee and anohter could be mini nuke launcher and a flamethrower. They just need to revamp teh PAP system and add more feautures.

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        How about the first PaP would be more Damage, Ammo and the Camo and little things like turning single shot guns into 3 round burst etc. etc. as usual but no gun gets an attachment the first time then the second PaP would be again more Damage and Ammo maybe 3 round burst guns would go full auto (the EPC WN to me would have been awesome full auto) but this time your gun gets a random attachment, maybe you get a Shotgun attachment, maybe you get a Grenade Launcher, maybe just maybe you get the Flamethrower attachment that they had in Black Ops Multiplayer and it would be random everytime you play, I think that would be cool

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    I still think we should be able to reload our PaP'd weapons without having to wait for a Max Ammo.  Make the box random like in Call of the Dead, it will stay at a location no more than 1 minute, then disappear and reappear in a new location, but not for another full minute. 


    But I do like the other ideas posted on here.  PaP 1 would be the usual upgrades, then when you PaP a second time for more money, they include an attachment. 

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    If I ever had a "Signature" Issuse, this would be it.  YES, PaP A 2ND TIME!!!  I have quit zombies...for the most part, due to reaching lvl 40 and beyond and finding myself incapable of killing zombies.  Sure I can do Rtrains and make them pass through a trap, but what's the point.  i don't feel any sense of satisfaction.  If I wanted to run zombies through traps I could do that as soon as I turn on the power.


    A small spiel:  Traps costs money to kill zombies, don't give any points in return, don't count toward your kill count, and can kill any zombie any time.  If I followed the logic of traps, I would care more about having the 1k to turn it on than care what Gun I have.  By that logic I Should start using the trap around lvl 25.


    As anyone knows, Nazi zombies are about killing zombies and getting better guns with the points earned.  PaPX2 (My Trademark ) is the natural evolution of the PaP in Der Reise.


    As to the question of buying upgraded ammo for PaP or PaPX2 weapons...I believe you should be able to buy Max ammo.  Hear me out!  Think about a difficult perk to buy that entails great risk, but an even better reward.  Jugg. on Der Reise comes to mind.  Now, think about a dead end that had a machine that would reload all of your ammo for 5k.  If you had Monkey Bombs or Gersch, the cost would be 7.5k.  The Real magic would have to be in the design of the map.  Create a good balance between going for Max Ammo and having to fight your way back out of the hole you are in.  A simple trick, just off the top of my head, would be to create a narrow corridor to a basement area, not necessarily an "actual" basement.  This basement would funnel zombies towards the Max Ammo machine.  If you really wanted to make it tricky, make the corridor the width of going from the Stage to the Lobby on Kino, and the Room would be no wider...just longer.  Scary!!!


    Now, No cheating!  No traps, no fire pits...just the guns in your hands.  If you want a Real death trap, put a window in at the back.  Too hard?


    Another idea, make the Max Ammo take longer.  It could be something like the PaP where the machine takes your gun, spins it around, then gives it back with full ammo.  If you have Monkey Bombs or Gersch...it would take even longer.  Maybe make it where you HAVE to refilll both your guns, THEN you can get the Monkey Bombs or Gersch for 2.5k.  Don't let people through their monkeys from the inside of the room, or corridor, to the outside.  Too easy, if you can just refill Monkeys and through them again.  The balance would be that zombies would coagulate around the small corridor, lessening the effects of Monkeys.  Explosives would also lessen because the closest portion of the zombies would take the Most damage while the back would receive the least.  All the while more zombies are pouring in.  Lol!  Plus, you have NO IDEA how many zombies are behind the lead zombies.


    This is turning in to THE TUNNEL OF DOOM!!!  With Max Ammo! 


    Happy Hunting!

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      the main thing I really want to see is either being able to re-PaP a gun to just refill the ammo or maybe upgrade it again.

      It does somewhat annoy me they took out the round bosses cause i swear there were a few times when me and my best bud would be playing Shangri-la and i'm not exaggerating when I say many times we didn't get a max ammo for like 8 rounds. that's one reason why my favorite map is Ascension. it's a fun map and with the monkeys you can get free perks