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Blops seems to be far easier than last year, Why?


I played a ton of Black Ops in 2011, but then MW3 came out all my friends and I went to it.  I've decided I'm sick of MW3, it's so full of BS I just can't take it any more.  So I went back to Blops and I pretty much NEVER go negative, in fact I get dogs and huey's sort of on a regular basis, and last year I never set my killstreaks above mortars.  I used to be a minus player, now I tend to be like a 1.5 or thereabouts.

I'm sure I've improved, but on MW3, my k/d is below 1.0 so I'm just wondering if the competition on blops isn't what it used to be, what do you think?

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    Ive played black ops since like may 2011. I live in Mexico City and 3 months ago I changed my internet provider. Apparently the internet speed is almost the same than old porvider BUT since I switched to this new connection Ive noticed that my kill rate is worse. After the swith I would almost never go negative as you say, and now I struggle to go "positive".  Before this switch I would normally end in the top 2 players of my team, now I normally end at the 2 bottom players... tomorrow I will get back to the old provider and hopefully have some nice kills... obviously I know theres a "natural" lag as I play mostly with US kiddos.. and that I notice for example when Im in a map such as Firing Range and appear in front of an enemy and I clearly feel that I start to shoot him but get killed.... as for you question, I remember that I started playing World of War very late and in the multiplayer it was, even empty or with sick pro players...

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    All the good players are on MW3 now. I check KDRs in Black Ops and they are all lower than 1. Mine is above 2 so I wreck every game!