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    This video is so valid.


    I can honestly say that in the thousands of hours of online play in all of the CODs I have been hit by 2 or 3 random throwing knives from long distances, but never once have I been shot by or seen anyone in game complete a trick shot.

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    u should see their grenade launcher..

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    That was the most retarded, uniformed video I've ever seen about trickshotting. And no, I'm not a trickshotter outside of private matches, but there's one important fact about this video: ALL the clips were from MW2. EVERYBODY knows that SND on MW2 has trickshotters. But it's not nearly as bad a cancer as you make it out to be. It USED to be that bad, but I still play search on MW2 a few times a week and it's been months, if not a year since I came across a team of trickshotters with someone playing dummy on the other team. Yes, you will still come across trickshotters, but it's not nearly as common (quickscopers are a different story, but quickscoping isn't trickshotting).

    The "how to we stop this?" part of the video almost made me spit out my drink with laughter. It HAS been stopped. MW3 changed the movement and now 90% of the moves used in trickshotting have been wiped out of the game. No more knife flips, no more temper shots, no more faydes, no more cool looking pistol switches, everything but 360 type trickshots are GONE. You're complaining about a dead cancer. As long as COD doesn't go back to using the MW2 engine, trickshotting will remain dead.

    Learn your stuff before you post.

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    little dumb fool. did u even read the POST ABOVE the video?

    read, read again, think about it, in ur case read again, then try to post.

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    Oh nooooooo it doesn't look l33t switching back to my Sniper anymore. Nooooooooo I can't reload cancel anymore. Oh how will people think I'm still l33t now.. Guess I'll have to 360 triple double flip no scope peopleZzzzzzzzzzz.


    These kids are immensely gay and I switched on my mic to say so constantly on mw2 whenever I entered such a lobby, I loved hearing them cry once I fired my DC Pro tubes. Sadly s&d is hacked to bits on mw2 for a long time now, it used to be my favorite game mode on that game, next to ffa. Mw2 is not worth playing anymore on ps3.

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    did you see how good the shotty worked on mw2 god damn i miss shotties that work.the shotguns on mw3 don't even work half as good as they did.

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    did u see how good the shots later worked in the video?

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    lol at video

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    Funny story. I am checking twitter and this chick gets an MW3 tattoo takes a pic puts it online. The only comment was Asprohere. He said " can u send me some nudes i am known on cod" I replied haha you ******* idiot. He responded with "Stfu you prob can't even trickshot" thot it was funny cause it just happened today. long story short he bragged about his clan i challenged him and any two of clan vs just me. He protected his account and refuses to play me. No it is not name and shame that is his twitter name not gamertag.

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    cool story