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    Hey Guys if you don't watch the show Alpha's you should. It is really about mutants in a more realistic world than what Marvel does. The powers are pretty cool, the characters and their interactions are great and if you have not seen the first season you should check it out. The second season just started and really enjoyed the first episode.

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    Iron – I think I saw a preview of that show while I was flipping through channels the other night.  I wasn’t paying a lot of attention but it looked pretty cool.


    RS (and anyone else that liked TF: WFC) – The demo for Fall of Cyberton comes out on the 31st.  It will have two single player campaign missions, some multiplayer, and some multiplayer customization (I’m sure most of the options will be locked, though)  I need to play some WFC to get some practice in before it comes out.  I’ll  probably end up getting my butt kicked anyway LOL.

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    Jad when are you going to start playing Avengers Alliance on FB, come on man, lol.

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    Sounds pretty cool, Iron.  Do you know if it's online anywhere (anywhere that's not shady and will give me viruses, that is! haha)?  Like on Youtube or the channel's website?


    @Jad: yeah, I saw an article about that demo.  Sounds like a pretty big demo, though I heard they were way ahead of schedule on the game, so I guess that gives 'em time to make a demo.  I'll have to try it out starting on Tuesday then!


    And Iron's right, you're gonna have to Avengers Alliances it if you don't want us to keep nagging you about playing it! haha

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    Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be joining you guys on Avengers Alliance.  From what I’ve read in the other thread, while it sounds fun, it also sounds like a very time consuming and addictive game (Iron’s going to turn into one of those crazy Farmville people!! )  I feel like I barely have enough time to do everything that I need/want to do as it is.  When I do have down time I want to spend time with my family, play Xbox, watch movies, or read. (the most recent book I have from the library has been sitting by my bed for about 2 weeks and I’m only a few chapters in.  Normally I would be done with it and on to the next one in the series by now)  I’ve got a small backlog of movies and games I want to get through too. It won’t help that Fall of Cybertron is coming out in a few weeks…or the demo on Tuesday!

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    Jad you big baby just play the game with your friends, lol. It is addictive no doubt although not to Farmville levels, lol,  and I remember what it was like to have little ones and how much time they consume, lol. However one added benefit of this game is you do get to help your friends out, so that is cool. Anyway maybe one day you will play and then you will be hooked.


    Hawk where have you been? Are you going after Emma, are you still playing, do you still exist, these are questions I must know, lol.

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    Hey Iron, I've been fighting a nasty fever since Monday and haven't been feeling too well.  Finally went to the doctor yesterday and got some medicine.  Hopefully I'll be feeling better again by the end of the weekend to get back to posting. And yup, I have been doing some of the Spec Ops tasks.  I just finished upgrading the Mindbreaker weapon.

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    Glad to know that ASM is pretty good. I still need to see it. Personally I thought Dark Knight Rises blew The Dark Knight out of the water. TDK was just the Joker's story, TDKR showed off what Bruce was truly made of while at the same time bringing many characters of the Batman-mythos to the big screen and giving them their fair share of the spotlight.


    @Hawkeye That sucks, glad to see you went to the doctor lol

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    Hopefully you get better soon, now that you got some medicine, Hawk.  And I hope you saw the news that Rogue's getting added to Avengers Alliance!  The game is now complete! haha


    @Iron: You just want another ally in the game! haha,


    @TGU: I thought they were both pretty awesome.  I think I'll have to see TDKR again a few times when I get it on Blu-Ray, but I'd probably give a slight edge to TDK right now, mainly because of how well-done the Joker was in it.  I really liked how TDKR wrapped everything up in such a satisfying way, though.  That ending was pretty awesome, so maybe I'll change my mind when I've seen it again later.

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    Hawk sorry to hear that and hopefully the meds will make you better. I will be able to do the mindbreaker research tomorrow after I get the unstable ISO I need. Get better quickly my friend.


    Rogue you are right I like allies, lol.