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I just can't put up with this anymore

Well here it is, another post im sure you guys/gals have read about a million times, but I honestly cannot put up with the BS in this game anymore


You can only get insta deathed so many times, when you havnt even saw your enemy, before it starts to wear really thin. There is no enjoyment anymore in this game for me. Then things like your enemy spawning right behind you, and whats with everyone using the rocket launcher now? Like virtually EVERYONE has it as their secondry weapon, and its by far the most pathetic way to kill anyone, shooting a rocket at their feet


IMO this is not a game of skill. Its a game of who gets the upper hand of lag, combined with a little luck and very little skill. Today I went from a game on Village where I got 24-3, onto a game on Arkaden where I got 1-7. That is not normal I dont care what anyone says! You can expect a variation of a few kills/deaths depending on how you play a map or how you are feeling that day etc but to go from that to that....na BS.


Ahhhhh, so much rage....then I think to myself in an average game of COD how many people are cheating, using modded controllers etc...and would you REMOVE FU**ING LAST STAND dear GOD that induces RAGE like no other If you die your dead full stop f**king last stand BS!

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