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I'm tired of this.

I woke up in the morning wanting to play an objective game mode in MW3.


-Domination: Enemies camping everywhere not capping flags and not letting us cap flags. Their objective: To get a MOAB.

-Demolition: Attackers running around not planting the bomb. I try to plant the bomb and I get killed by a camper, which is absolutely understandable since  his objective is to defend, but my teammates are too busy spawntrapping to take care of him.

-Kill Confirmed: Both enemies and friendlies not taking tags because they want to make the game last longer.

-Ground War: YouTubers having their subscribers, or as I like to call them, slaves, run support (UAV, Vests, Recon drone, Advanced UAV) so that their masters can get the overrated MOABs.

-Search and Destroy: EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE running around trying to get that precious 360 no scope double y final killcam. "Defenders" just rushing into the Attacker spawn, not actually defending the bomb sites.

-Drop Zone: People running around with sniper rifles treating them as shotguns.


After getting mad at MW3, I decided to play some Black Ops.

-Domination: Enemy Huey incoming. Enemy dogs inbound. Enemy SR71 is in the air.

-Search and Destroy: Same as MW3.


I then decided to play MW2.

-Domination: Enemy harriers inbound. Enemy chopper gunner approaching. Enemy nuke incoming, it's over.

-Search and Destroy: People quickscoping and trickshotting.


I then succumbed to Cod4.

-Domination: Hackers

-Search and Destroy: Even more hackers.


You seriously cannot play any objective game mode in Call of Duty; it's ridiculous how the so called "killwhores" are not punished for not playing the objective a single time.

How do you guys feel about this?

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    Its sad what its turned into. That is pretty much why I stick to TDM, the objective modes are unplayable. Have you tried HC modes? It seems that I get a little less of this nonsense when I have played HC objective games.


    Hoping that Black Ops II makes some serious changes in the Objective modes. Take K/D out of the picture and make the objective the focus. If they bring back KC, make it so you don't get the kill if the tag isn't collected.


    The YouTube generation is killing CoD in some ways, taking the focus from Team Play to selfishness.


    This is why Stats don't matter, they can be manipulated in the ways you are describing.


    People rage at the game, they should be raging at the community as well for this kind of behavior. But as far as the developers, they should have learned by now that if you give this community an inch, they will take a mile. I made a thread in the BlOps II forum stating that I think the Devs should have a group of Ten Year Olds come in and play the game for a week solid. Then, observe all the little exploits they find, and take anything they like out of the game. The community needs to start to man up, and the Devs need to put more thought into their final product to keep these exploits from ruining the game.

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    What do you suggest as "punishment"?

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    HC objectives are nothing but tubers anymore. Since they aren't very effective in core, most of them came over to HC:Dom & HC:CTF to get their fix. Blast Shield doesn't do anything to counter it, either. Prepare to rage just as much.


    The OP's best bet would be HC:S&D, if they aren't upset by the fact everyone runs vests.

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    Maybe forcing non-objective players to be matched up with other non-objective players, just like Halo (I think?) matches up cheaters with other cheaters.

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    Don't think that would be effective.


    The only fix is to make K/D irrelevant in objective modes. Make the XP gain for objective play significantly higher. Make it so that your K/D doesn't count towards your stats in objective matches, but triple the XP for defensive kills or for taking out a bomb carrier or defending a position, and allow those kills to count towards your overall stats. Caps, returns, plants, defuses... those should be the big focus.


    In KC, kills should not be counted unless the enemy tags are collected. As it stands, people just sit back and count up their kill count while ignoring the tags, basically legal boosting.


    You can't punish non-objective players, but you may lessen their impact by taking away the reasons they do what they do. Players use the objective modes to pad their stats, ruining the game for those who play the objective matches as they are intended.

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    welcome to my world this is the crap that i have to put up with every game

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    Or just remove KD from the game - that'd make people camp less to protect their precious KD.

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    You forgot about these modes:


    Capture the Flag: people camp their flag which is understandable but spawn trapping goes on basically rendering the mode unplayable.

    Sabatoge: People don't plant the bomb and instead camp the enemy spawn points for a MOAB.

    Team Defender: a cluster fest around a flag that someone camps in a corner babysitting it.


    Black Ops:

    Capture the Flag: same as MW3

    Sabatoge: Same as MW3 except for racking up kills.



    Capture the Flag: cap one flag and babysit the flag for the remander of the match, possible spawn trapping for nukes

    Sabatoge: Same as MW3 except for nukes



    Capture the flag: hackers

    Sabatoge: more hackers


    Basically, every objective mode in COD is ruined by people being greedy over kills.

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    I feel your pain, nicedrewish ... but they aren't going to take kd out of any part of the game. That's part of what makes COD COD.


    What if they had a game mode where you had to enter a code to enter the mode? Then it would be easier to report children being in an adult lobby. The mode could also have more strict rules regarding good sportsmanship.

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