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         This is why I play with friends/clan members that play the objective. There isn't as many quickscopers/trickshotters on PS3 as on Xbox, but you do see them a lot.


         PTFO or GTFO

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    You should join a clan, I won't play unless I got at least two other people to back me up.. can't stand randoms.


    S&D used to be my favorite game mode, but now it's run by Sitrep Pro whores. I don't understand why everything has to be "core".. they took out hardcore headquarters and replaced it with capture the flag.. just waiting on Counter-Strike next month and I'm done with CoD. BOII = Zombies and that's it.

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    When you play lonewolf you are gonna get losses. I don't play mw3 with my friends cuz they just want to play camp the flags which I have no interest in. So I just stick with HCKC get my kills pick up tags and could generally care less about the score.

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    I'm with you on that man.... I'm a youth pastor and one of my youth sent me a text wanting to play some MW3 so I hop on and we tried Sabotage, first 3 games it put us in were already MOAB hazed screens with everyone getting spawn killed over and over. We tried barbones thinking people wouldn't camp without killstreaks...wrong. Every game type we tried was ruined by this sort of behavior and its not even enjoyable for most gamers anymore.

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    Not sure what you mean, can you elaborate on that idea? You kind of lost me...

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    I know what you mean man. I only play with my clan if I am playing an obj game. We mostly play HC Dom. But anymore its just a yawn fest. We will have 2 bases capped and we have to go look for action. Most of the time we are in the negative k/d but win 200-100 if not less than that. And all you hear after the match from the other team is look how bad your K/D is. Well glad to know that my K/D had nothing to do with what the objective was. There have been plenty of times that in a game we never hear "You are losing such n such flag" We get 2 and thats the end of it. I really hope BO II does something to take that kind of behavior out of the game. Players know they can come to Dom or Search and just boost up their K/D. Its sad really but another poster hit it on the head. Everyone wants to get that video on YouTube and the precious MOAB. I have never gotten a MOAB nor do I care to try for it. Im playing to get caps and win the match.

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    So you're mad that everyone doesn't play how you want them to. Got it.

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    Sabo has been terrible since COD4, I dont even know why they bother including it in the playlists.

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    first off the people that dont play objectives are d-bags. second, the people that are playing without a team in objective based games such as dom or demo are retarded for even being in that playlist. your not gonna get kills plants or caps as much as with a team. on the same note, entering alone in said gametypes you really cant expect or complain about getting poo'd on. when your getting poo'd on by a team that communicates against randoms such as you, spawn traps just happen. play tdm. or free for all. k/c maybe but yes people do camp tags, but they camp in every gametype. so who cares. you make a to long thread pointing out things we already know cause you got owned without a team.. a good team that talks to each other and have generally good k/d's will not be spawn trapped(for long anyway) or camped on to a point of being annoying.  its a fact of life friend

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    Solutions to all these problems....


    Try making freinds that want to play the objective.

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