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Derp clan looking for members

Hey Guys I just came from making a new clan call DERP I was inspired by the kyr sp33dy crew that most of u may know is the trolling god in call of duty him and his crew and inspired by themi decide that ps3 need a similar crew the bring fun laughter to mw3 players day we will play to win of course and will strive to be the best clan but at the same time laugh our heads of with doing the craziest things to our opponents and friends. I also have a few requirements to get in this clan 1 please have a mic or headset Bluetooth wat ev just make sure we can talk with each other it's good for team work    2 please have a sense of humor donot take things to hard 3 speak English 4 u donot need mw3 elite to join 5 and I realy dount care about your K.D if it's low we will help u to perfect your skills and bring it up so if u wish to join please reply then contact me at my psn B359242 send me a message