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refined perk list, what do you think, should treyarch use.

Tier 1

Hardline = Earn point streaks with one less point.

Pro = every two assists count as a kill towards your point streak + change the contents of a care package.

Scavenger = resupply ammo and lethal grenades from fallen enemies.

Pro = start with extra mags and resupply tactical grenades from fallen enemies.

Ghost = remain hidden from enemy UAV.

Pro = avoid targeting from enemy point streak rewards + No red crosshair or

name when targeted.(excludes people using scout pro.)

Flak jacket = take less explosive damage.

Pro = deflect fire damage, safely toss back frag grenades and take less melee

damage. (Two knives to kill, except for ballistic knife).

Overkill = carry 2 primary weapons.

Pro = start with one extra lethal and tactical grenade.

Tier 2

Hardened = penetrate walls and objects with deeper bullet damage.

Pro = inflict extra bullet damage vs enemy point streak rewards, flinch less

when shot + recover quickly from melee attacks.

Scout = identify enemies at a longer range.

Pro = longer hold breath, less sway when scoped + identify targets using ghost pro.

Steady aim = maintain increased accuracy when firing from the hip.

Pro = ready to fire faster after sprinting.

Sleight of hand = faster reload.

Pro = deploy grenades and equipment faster.

Quick draw = faster aim down sight.

Pro = faster weapon swaps.

Tier 3

Proto shield = unaffected by EMP.

Pro = reduce the effects of flash and concussion grenades.

Marathon = sprint for a longer duration.

Pro = sprint for an unlimited duration + climb obstacles and ladders faster.

Ninja = move silently.

Pro = make no noise at all and hear enemies louder.

Stalker = move faster while aiming down sights.

Pro = delay triggered explosives + crawl faster.

Hacker = detect enemy equipment, explosives, and turrets.

Pro = sabotage enemy equipment and turrets, remain invisible to

motion sensors and infrared + show all enemy point streak rewards on your mini-map.