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Ump45 flawless tdm MOAB. rushing gameplay / comm on mission.


Alright guys and gals,


One of my buddies RAMBONER recomended the ump45 to me the other day with range and extended mags and a specific perk set up.


I decided to give it a bash however altered the perk set up to suit my style slightly.


While ranking the gun up to get Extended mags i hit a nice groove and managed a nice rushy moab on mission.


Since it was just buffed recently i thought i should post up a wee gameplay showing it in action.


Its my first commentary in a while and hope its ok. Let me know what you guys think of it and maybe if RAMBONER sees this he can recomend another class for me


EDIT: Apparently the gun buffs werent actually out when i did this, so ingore the buff chat in the commentary.