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Discussing about pro mw3 players


Why pro player use extreme conditioning, quickdraw, dead silence, focus and acr in most of the tourneys?

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    xtrem con. to move around the map faster, get to cover faster,,,, quick draw.. assult rifles take a sec to get the scopes up..dead silence to cancel sound whoring, focus to remain on target and counter hits taken, acrs little recoil decent damage, good rate of fire.

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      do you think this is the best combination or would you use other?

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        I mean i think its a good setup, but it just depend on what your comfortible with, Id say yes to focus, that is important, and you can win the majority of gun fights with it, dead silence to me is only good with search and destroy, but again its personal preference.. if you want to know what i run? then


        rush class

        primary- pp90m1 -  rapid fire  and ext mags/silencer

        sec. fmg akimbo or scorpions


        claymore- port radar


        attachments or kick or focus


        1. extreme cond/ or SOH

        2. assasin

        3. steady aim




        scavanger pro

        blindeye pro

        hardline pro




        this changes up depending on the map, or primary im using


        there are limits to what pro player are allowed to use,  so the set up you mentioned is prob what i would use minus deadsilence and have steady aim

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    Perks and proficiency dont really matter, its the ACR that wins.

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    As someone stated earlier, that's the best class to run in a tournament. In public matches, not so true though. Tournaments take out kill streaks, equipment, and restrict perks and attachments to make the game more balanced and competitive.


    If you're looking for a class to just go out and kill people in public matches, try this.


    ACR - Red Dot - Focus or Kick.

    MP9 - Ext Mag.


    Sleight of Hand Pro.

    Assassin Pro.

    Dead Silence Pro.


    Portable Radar.


    You can take out the ACR for an (MP7 - Ext Mag - Focus) for more close range encounters.


    You will piss many people off with this so beware.

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    GAME OVER!!!

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    The reason Pro players use Extreme Conditioning is to run flags faster in CTF, and to get to spots quicker in S&D. Quick Draw is used to give you first shot in gunfights and to throw grenades and stuns quicker. Dead Silence is used because EVERY SINGLE player that plays Competitive has a headset, this perk is a must have.

    Also, there are a lot of perks that are banned for obvious reasons, such as...

    Blast Shield





    You will rarely see a Silencer used, and if you do it will be on a SMG. Silencers decrease damage and if you have a good enough headset you can still hear where shots are coming from. Another reason that makes Silencers almost useless is because you will get called-out right when you drop a kill.


    If you think banning things is wrong, look at it this way... the competitive rule set is based on skill and not what does the work for you. So if you think something is "cheap", then you can almost guarantee it's banned.