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    Yuck  That is some ugly armor.  Too much ugly looking gold, not enough red.  Hopefully like Iron said, it's short term stuff or it looks a lot better on the screen.  Anyone see the footage description from the panel?



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    Wow I want to see that trailer especially his house going down, how cool is that!!!! Also like the armor flying on him. This movie needs to be epic and they going to spend some serious money on it since it is the next film after Avengers and they need to keep the momentum going.


    Thanks Jad.

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    I just want to see pics of the Madarain!!!!

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    "Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one: Heroes. There is no such thing. As you cry out for mercy, you will be silenced."



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    Oh yeah that is a great line!!! When is that thing going to hit the net, come on already, lol.

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    Hey guys did you see some of the scene shots from IM3? There is one that is a crater in the concrete and a bunch of flowers and memorials around the sit so it looks like somebody gets killed I am thinking War Machine in his USA armor since the Extremis villain is home grown terroist maybe War Machine goes after him and gets killed, would be very cool and dramatic. Interesting shot that is for sure.

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    So awesome!

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    Thanks Jad,



    I just saw it and man that was so frigging cool. The house going down is just plain awesome and the stakes look huge for Tony. That is a very nice tease to say the least. I am interestedin what everybody else thinks so fire away. I'm leaving this apple traile window open all night so I can watch it several times.

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    This trailer creates quite a few questions.

    The main one for me is - what's up with the Iron Man armor?  Is it becoming sentient?  Is someone else controlling/ in the suit?


    Why is Mandarin targeting Tony so personally?  What's up with the Captain America anarchy shield tattoo on his neck?


    What is Rhodey's role in this?  Will he be on IM's side or be torn between his friend and the military?  Why the new paint job?


    Will Tony's friends survive?  Happy Hogan looked in bad shape and you know Mandarin will go after Pepper (looks like she gets captured)


    Who is the redhead that slams Tony against the wall?


    I really like how the tone kind of hearkens back to IM1 when Tony is in the cave and has limited resources.  It is also a humbling experience for him.  The stakes seem really high.  Good stuff!

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    The trailer looked awesome!  Very intense, especially the attack on Tony's home.  I like that the events of Avengers is carrying over to Tony's solo movie and he hasn't shrugged off almost dying.  To me, it sounds like Tony has gotten obsessed about preparing for anything and is working on armor that can take on Gods, Hulks, and whatever his imagination can conjure up.  What with the armory getting exploded, it should be fun to see how he deals with losing his ability to physical fight bad guys.


    @Jad - That redhead could be Bethany Cabe, she's a pretty skilled fighter in the comics.

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