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siCK - No Cure Clan Recruitment

If your looking for a bunch of great people to play with on a regular basis then check out sNc! www.thesickclan.com. also check out or ELITE page A PS3 Exlusive Clan! We have a very active forum base where you can find useful gameplay help and a great place to hang about. we also have 3 competitive gaming groups in BF3, MW3 and Black Ops in total we have 400 members!,  we always get 6 man party's on the go and pub stomp which is awesome.


we have a thing called inter-clans where we just get however many as we can online at one time and do private matched with random/fun game modes like quick-scoping, mike Myers, hunting season etc.


We also have weekly events called platoons battles, we can do this because we have 2 platoons Alpha and Bravo and they both compete with each other using GB rules and you get awarded points and medals VIA the point system which we have within the clan. We have position within the clan like normal members, IO's, Platoon leaders, Group Leaders, Recruiting officers (ME)...etc etc. So you can climb the ladders



to make an application follow all the sticky post for the group you want to join (MW3) or give me a shout and i will help you



I know this is a long message, but I wanted to show you some of what we have to offer, and hopefully you will take me up on this offer and i will see you on PSN and Browsing our forums in no time.



thanks for reading 



IMPORTANT: Use (MiraculousGamer) as your referer so people know how you found sNc!