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Server Connection Timed Out

Hey guys,


Does anybody have a solution to this server connection timed out error yet? This has been happening to me for the last 6 months and has been adding up losses to my MW3 record. I have a 10 down/ sadly only 1 up internet and Me and my brother are using the same internet ( I hooked up my xbox to the modem and his is hooked up to the router). Our NAT types are both open but consistently get the server connection timed out error. Out of 10 matches, we lag out in all 10 matches. I'm taking this very seriously guys because I don't want to have this issue in BO2. We both have Xbox Slims, and I possibly think it could be our Modem. My ISP is Brighthouse and they gave us a Ubee modem the 1st time, and everything ran smoothly. We eventually downgraded the internet and gave us another Ubee Modem. Ever since then, I consider that the issue. Thanks guys for any support if you have.

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    Doubt it is the modem, happens to me once in a while but it's from the dashboard. I just can't believe it happens to you every game!!


    When it happens to me I never get a loss added.

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      It was a regular occurrence for me starting about six weeks ago. I haven't had a problem sice i changed my console to a static ip and port forward or triggered (I can't remember which one I ended up doing) about one week and some fifty games since.

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        Yes stumpsigpi,


        I have tried static ip and then tried to foward ports to the static ip , but it would give me a strict NAT type. If I left it alone though (Left everything on Network automatic), my NAT will be open. I have Port triggering, but don't know what to do with that. I have UPnP enabled and all ports necessary open(53,80,88,3074) and still no luck. Am I supposed to port foward to static ip? Am I doing static Ip wrong? Haha this sucks man!

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    The server connection timed out happens when you have an intermittent problem with your Internet. Meaning your connection speed dips so low the game kicks you. If you are below are standard required for a certain period of time(seconds) you get booted. many times if you are with a party of friends, it will boot them too, to keep you together(which is silly). Call your ISP and have them deduce your Internet intermittency problem.

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      Thanks alot CowBoySR, because now that you mention it, I watch twitch.tv alot and sometimes when I look at my internet emblem on the bottom right corner, it shows the 4 bars highlighted, then it cuts off and looks like the refresh symbol, and the twich stops for a few seconds, then reconnects! I'm at 10mpbs again, and I would like to know if It's possible to   deduce this intermittency problem. Oh, and another thing is I lag out of a game and I play with my brother, but he doesn't lag out? His xbox is to our UBEE Modem(and also it's router) , and mine is connected to my linksys router.

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    Did you run a ping test? Assuming you're running hardwired?? Is anyone on that same connection doing anything to hog the bandwidth? i.e. netflix, youtube etccc...

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    i have the same stinkin prob with my ubee router thru brighthouse. i call to complain and its good for a week then reverts back to constant disconnects. i never had this issue with bright house b4 i upgraded to rr lightning.