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About clans are their tactics.


Do you know why most people run assassin? Do you know why the Recon Drone gets so much hate? Do you know why your AUAV gets taken down 3 seconds after you used it?

Its because no one likes to be on the radar, why? Because it gives your opponent the advantage instantly. Its way easier to kill someone that doesn't know you're there.


Now you must be wondering why I said this. Well, I run with a group of friends (we're not a clan but play together often) and I'm the UAV guy: My killstreaks are often UAV, pred and helicopter; the default. Everyone else runs specialist or assault (barely anyone uses their UAV anymore when I play with my friends). Anyway, I'm the recon guy, we could say.. Now, I've encountered clans and EVERYONE is using recon pro, or everyone is using EMP. Don't you find this annoying? I can't play because on certain maps like dome, Recon is way too overpowered. People spawn and throw their flashes which have a MASSIVE damage ratio and paints everyone on the map, even when the match starts. Man, gets annoying.


On EMP, I think there should be a 1 minute cooldown before you can use another (This means, you call one in and when it is over, it is impossible to call in another one). The reason I say this is because support is 'the cheap' killstreaks, you can die as much as you want and annoy terribly the other team by spamming your EMP. I have encountered two guys today that used Recon and we just couldn't win because (at least me) they threw 20 flashes and painted most of us whenever they spawned. Maps are not that big after all: Mission, Dome, Hardhat and even fallen. And its like the second time this week (two days) I encounter a clan that only uses support: AUAV, Stealth Bomber and EMP. The EMP spam was really annoying, had my predator and helicopter right there until the very end, I called in the helicopter and it got blown away again. I kept the predator until the match ended.


I would imagine a combination of these two would be incredibly overpowered and something we might want to look at. Recon Pro paints you on the radar when you get shot. This is terribly dangerous for the you, plus you don't even know you're visible to everyone. If we combined hardline, recon and support we'd be pretty overpowered, don't you think? The enemy can't call in UAVs to counter hardline (or any killstreaks, actually) and would have to resort to Assassin plus portable radars to win, when we would have AUAV most of the time because of Recon Pro. Not to mention the revenge kill gets much easier.


Opinions, ideas? - I myself don't do this as I try to avoid doing things that annoy me personally, because I know how it feels when someone is camping with an MK14 in a spot you have to flank by running 80 miles around the map with assassin and surviving the other team plus their bouncing betties, claymores and hidden IMSs.