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Which 3 MW2 maps would you like in MW3?


Please IW more MW2 maps. All of the MW3 maps are just BS, except Village, Bootleg, maybe Resistance on a good day. I mean, Downturn? Seriously? Lockdown? What is this? Arkaden? That map is just filled with campy spots. On the stairs, near the A flag, in the buildings.


Yes, some of the MW2 were awful, without a doubt. But in my opinion, MW2 is the only COD which has produced a map I would call "awesome".  Maps I would like back are


-Terminal (which is already done, so I won't count this as one of my three)






If you could choose 3 extra MW2 maps to put into MW3, which would you choose? If you are someone that doesn't want MW2 map back I respect your opinion, but please don't post about how MW2 maps shouldn't come back because this is about what people want, rather than don't want.